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Friday, April 04, 2008

Nerd alert

I was one of the millions who was enthralled with Beverly Hills, 90210. The kids, in the pilot, were the same age as I was. For some reason, if I recall it correctly, they repeated their junior year and David Silver went from being a freshman to being a junior. Something like that. Kelly had her little red BMW convertible in the pilot, and the blond curly haired guy had his corvette. Kids are generally juniors when they get the driver's licenses. They were also in a chemistry class on that first day. I'm just sayin'. They started off as juniors and apparently the Minnesotan twins brought the whole group down and forced them all to repeat that year. Minnesotans... They are trouble.
In regards to David Silver skipping a year, I bet the school bumped him up after his friend committed suicide. That was a shocking episode.
Okay, so they are making a new Beverly Hills, 90210. I am sad to say that I will probably watch. My major issue is that one of the lead characters is the daughter of Andrea, the 90 year old high school junior. Oh my goodness. Am I really THAT old that she would be in high school?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Turns out this post DOES have a topic!

I only have a few weeks left before I am officially a college graduate. That will change the box I get to mark off on various forms and such. Finally! But will it change anything for me?
I am having a stream of consciousness writing experience here, so none of these thoughts are going to make much sense, or be very complete. I have not updated in a while, and I really don’t have much to talk about.

My sister and her family are coming today. I am thrilled, though I won’t see them until tomorrow. Wonder if I am expected to pack my stuff up and live at my mom’s house this weekend..? I probably should, because it is really hard to get myself together in the mornings. On the other hand, they are notorious for being late sleepers, and I probably wake up before they do… dilemma. I get very impatient when I am just hanging around in a place that is not my home.

On to nicer topics.
This morning, Bill tried to get me to get up, but when I kept telling him to shut up and let me be, he rolled over and gave up on me. I woke up a little late and when I left, he was stretched out, sound asleep. Bah.

On a not so nice topic: Off to the scary woman who laughs at the sweaty, red-faced victims of her boot camp class at the gym tonight. She hurts me and makes me cry. Why do I keep going back for more?

I think I just figured out the topic of this essay. I am a glutton for punishment. Seriously. Re-read this and see for yourself!