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Thursday, March 06, 2008

AI top 16 results show

Well, Blake Lewis(not Edwards, who is Julie Andrews husband)demonstrates why he did not win last year. Boring. Fast forwarding... I tend to fast forward through most of the results show. So this should be short.

Bye Kady. Called this one. Boring don't wanna hear that boring song again. FF.

Bye Luke. Thank goodness.

Okay, Ramiele is safe. I kind of figured. But I did pick her to go.
Bye Asia'h She was my alternate. But I still picked her to go. See ya.

Bye Danny. JT will miss your queenyness. I think we will see it pop up elsewhere. But I do love a part of you. Best wishes, kiddo.

Damn, I was actually on this week.
I am worried this is becoming about me being right.


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