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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

AI Scandals

Okay, I admit I am a one trick pony when American Idol is on, but so what. Let's discuss scandals and interesting facts about season 7's contestants, shall we?

Michael Johns: under the name Michael Lee, with the band “Film”, the CD “Rolling” was released under the Maverick label in March 2001.

Brooke White: released an album in October 2006 called "Songs From the Attic" (which makes me thinks of "Flowers in the Attic" and maybe explains why I think Brooke seems a little crazy).

Robbie Carrico: Was in a band called “Boyz-N-Girlz United” that released a self titled album in 2000. The band opened for Britney Spears in her early (non-crazy) days. And now people are accusing him of wearing a wig... and that he dated Britney...

Carly Smithson: Before she married, she was Carly Hennessy and she released a CD called “Ultimate High” on MCA records in November 2001. Multi-million dollar promotion only helped her sell 378 copies.

Kristy Lee Cook: Was signed under Arista Nashville, BMI, and Britney Spears label in 2001. She released a CD in July 2005 called "Devoted" under the name Kristy Lee. The self proclaimed horse handler had a song called "Hold Your Horses". Good one, Kristy.

Luke Menard: Released at least four CDs with his (superbly annoying) acapella singing group "Chapter Six".

Kady Malloy: Released a demo cd in 2006.

I do think it is a bit unfair for these people who have already had contracts to be on this show, yet at the same time, it is a show to make a star, right? They ain't stars yet. So, whatever.

Just randomly:
Someone has photos on Maxim's Hometown Hotties; someone got popped for a DUI; someone might have nudie pics show up in National Enquirer; someone was getting naughty in their MySpace page pictures; someone was a male stripper; one of them made a stupid profane Christmas video; one of their supposed sex tape scandals was photoshopped; Someone's father is NOT Adam Archuleta (the NFLer); Jeff Healey died, but that really has nothing to do with anything save for sharing a last name with an already booted contestant; one of them dated Cheyenne Kimball and showed up on her show.

So AI is on tonight. Expect a recap sometime soon.


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