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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

AI Top 8 Guys

Is it wrong that I am sort of bored with this whole process? None of the people are very interesting to me. I can see some of them having record deals after the show and feasibly even be popular, but I don’t really care. I won’t buy their CDs (except maybe Michael Johns whose first album I don’t have nor want, so…)

Whoa, holy 80’s hair, Paula Abdul!

Luke Menard: Nonononono! Ugh. Off tune. Yucky. Stop it. I don’t want you to (try to) hit that high (and he did it twice). Go away.

David Archuleta: Is going to sing Phil Collins. My Phil Collins. He’d better not ruin a perfectly great song for me. (Sorry. Don’t know why I am suddenly not a fan of this kid. The colored contacts, the cheesy grin, and the big nostrils are getting to me). He looks like a monchichi. Damn, he picked a good song to wheeze through. He did a little too much adjustment to the song, but it was okay. Geez, this kid is paving the path to becoming a goodwill ambassador. Last week it was Imagine and this week he sang Another Day in Paradise because it makes people aware of the homeless?

Danny NoriAlba: This kid is odd. Maybe he’ll be on Project Runway next season. Hmm. There is just so much to deal with. He could be a cutie, but he is so diva-esque which makes him write-off-able. (And he is a mouth breather.)

David Hernandez
: Booger story teller (is how he will now be known to me). Boring arrangement. Some flat notes. He’s getting better, but for me? Smeh.

They all suck tonight.

Michael Johns: Does an Inxs song. Didn’t see this coming… (Right). He has energy. I like that. I am not a huge Inxs fan, but he did well. I am not blown away, but I did not hate it either.

Does Ryan Seacrest look like a Muppet? Is it just me?

David Cook: He is still so creepy to me. And he’s rockin’ Lionel!?! I actually kind of like him, so long as my eyes are closed. But I can definitively say Hello, It is NOT you I am looking for (get it? ‘Cause I don’t want to look at him). That was the best so far for me, dawg!

Jason Castro: He reminds me of some of the boys at my niece’s school. I still like this kid. He’s got a nice voice. It is unexpected song, but he does it well. I just don’t know if this song will resonate with the kids and housewives (and Tyler from DC101) who vote. (Gross story about the ripped out dreadlock). He is one of my favorites.

Is it sad that I have no idea which guy is left to sing..?
Oh it’s Jacuzzi!

Chikezie: I like this song. He keeps missing the notes slightly. (I always sing this song as “He builds me up”. Is that wrong?) Kind of a weird ending, but otherwise okay.

The people I vote off the stage are:
Luke Menard
Danny NoriAlba


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