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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Uncle update

Blessing #1: So my car dealer called me today to update me on the situation with my engine. This after my darling friend called yesterday to tell me that she would help me git (it's on purpose) Jiffy Lube for wrecking my car. Thanks again, Laura! So the dealer called and told me that they were going to cover all of the costs of replacing my engine and give me a loaner car until it is fixed! Yay!
Blessing #2: When I arrived at work this morning, the fire alarm was going off and a bunch of really huge firemen were meandering about. I walked around the building through the parking deck instead of risking elevator action. When the "all clear" was heard, I stood in the lobby, paralyzed by the uncertainty of the elevator experience I was setting myself up to have. I refused two cars that came. One: because it was the one that entrapped me yesterday, and two: because its' doors were jittery, half closing without reason. I climbed into the third car with my friend and co-worker and we made it to 10 without issue.

Blessing #3: The left shoulder blade knot that has me seeing stars seems to be releasing it's vulcan death grip on me. It's still there and I am still trying to stretch it out and make it go away completely, but for the most part it only bugs me a little.

Blessing #4: To add to the trauma of my week, I checked my grades and found I got a 43/100 on my paper last week. Apparently, I only answered 4 of the 9 questions. Oops. I sent an email to my teacher to beg for a reprieve which she actually granted to me! Luckily, it was not my first assignment, and she had a chance to see that I do understand the material and do generally not just skip questions. I have to turn in the other five questions tonight.

Blessing #5 & 6: My mom returns home from Europe on Tuesday, and my sister and her whole family are coming in two weeks!

My frustration comes from things I deem unfair. Build up a bunch of unfair things and I feel like my sky is falling. Luckily, the sun is shining and I have a date with Marci tonight. Thanks for the comments on my last post. They made me laugh and enabled me to take a step back and realize it is not as bad as it seems. (Besides, it can always get worse, right?)

When I think about it, this has been a great week, too. I got to go for an awesome bike ride with Jen on Saturday. I did not fall off my bike, nor did she. Hills were a killer, but we made it! I saw Laura and Killer on Monday. He is settling in nicely and she seemed to recover well from her weekend from hell. I spent some delicious quality time with Clussy, who is fresh from her stint as a rodeo cowgirl. Then even more fantastical time with both Cluss and Harms! Yesterday afforded me a chance to not only learn about bicycle maintenance, and giggle over the terms ("limited screw", "spoke nipples"), I got to do this with Marci. Tonight brings even more time with her and either the Wii, or the Jen and the Crispy-C.

What the previous paragraph is stating is that I should never cry about how my life sucks, because that short paragraph demonstrates at least 6 reasons why my life rocks!


Blogger Claudette said...

AND you're going to have a Bennyland HS-type reunion tonight too! Maraschino double knotted stems on top of the ice cream of your blessings. Amen.

3/21/2008 01:27:00 PM  
Blogger Law-Rah said...

So happy to hear things are looking up. And considering what went down at my office this week...I'm glad you won't be needing a lawyer;-)

3/22/2008 09:01:00 AM  

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