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Friday, March 14, 2008

Herrn "Doktor"

Apparently there is a law in Germany that prohibits American Ph.D’s to be be called “Doctor” in Germany. In order to be called Doctor, you must have received your education in an EU accredited university. Okay, this is an antiquated law, stemming from the 1930’s, a time in which Germany was presenting itself as the number one place in the world and therefore no one else is as educated and great as Germans.

In this article in the Washington Post today, Gary Smith, the director of Berlin’s American Academy, has answered to Dr. Smith for the twenty years he’s been in Germany. He understands that he can file papers to legally use this title, but hasn’t concerned himself with the process. He says, “It wasn't worth the trouble of doing anything about it… It's really an absurd situation in a globalized world." Therein lies my issue with “Dr.” Smith.

It’s their law. It can be antiquated and absurd and unnecessary. It can be whatever the Germans want it to be. It’s their law. It is not harmful to anyone. It is simply the way they want it. Maybe it should be modified for the times, but it hasn’t been. Deal with it. If you don’t like their laws, get the hell out of their country. I am so annoyed with this guy who is above their rules.


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