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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Results of final 12 on AI

Jim Carrey in elephant costume is almost as awkward as the final 12's choreography (or as awkward as my difficulties in spelling awkward just now...). Oh no. Sanjaya and his sister/lover are there. Bad omen. Someone crappy is going to stay.

Carly has a snaggletooth. She may have a new nickname.

Syesha is bottom three? They are making them sing before they are booted now? I guess the tearfest of Alaina Whitaker was too much for Fox?

Ugh, they just rapped "The Distance" by Cake. I heard on the radio that song was one of the ones David Hernandez stripped to.

Kristy Lee Cook is bottom three. Called her to be in the bottom (in my shot-gun effect method). I still don't know how many people are going home. I suppose I do not pay enough attention.

I do not approve of the call-ins. This is stupid. But they just got up close on Simon's head. Does he have a middle part? He has the weirdest hair in Hollywood. Well, after David Cook. Has anyone else noticed that Simon seems to be going deaf? Anytime someone on stage says something, he leans to Paula and says "what did he says?".

Is Katharine McPhee mad that she is not anywhere near as successful as Carrie or Kelly? I bet if her name was Kathy, she would be. Kelly...Carrie...Kathy... Pattern, anyone?

Ramiele looks like a wee little bumblebee.

Oh check it out. He was in my bottom two! Yay. Sorry. By David. No more stripper jokes. Be sure to wipe the pole down before you go.


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