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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Adopt a sense of pride in your own country.

Dear Madonna, and other people who plan to Angelina* a baby,
It is a wonderful thing that you are doing, bringing an underprivileged child into your home and life. However, why must you go to Africa? Are the orphans in the U.S. not appealing enough? Is something wrong with the DNA that permeates the gene pool of poor American kids? Is it that you don’t want to raise a potential Nascar fan? (Sorry, but most of the poverty in the U.S. lies in the south and that’s where you Nascar fans hail from, isn’t it?).
Madonna attempted to do something good by taking a child into her life who was living in an orphanage because his mother had died. What she did not consider was that it is common for children in Africa, who have only one parent, to be raised in group homes until they are old enough to be responsible for helping their village. His father never planned to lose him forever. That child is expected to take care of his father/his village later in life.
This whole issue that Madonna is facing is a glaring sign to me that we need to stop sticking our good ideas into the cultures of other countries. At least until we have no faults anymore.
I believe that Americans are great people. They are people who want to help. This was obvious during the Tsunami disaster and through the countless associations established to help those in need, amongst so many other things. But America, why is so much help going to countries other than our own when it is so obvious that we need our own help?
I think the best analogy for life comes from the airplane. When the oxygen masks fall, place it on your own face prior to helping others. In other words, you are no good to anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself.

America, let’s take care of ourselves. Then we will be better prepared to help everyone else.

* Yeah, I made a verb out of her name. And you don’t need me to explain what it means.