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Saturday, June 04, 2005

My head hurts..

Um, forgive us.
Apparently we become treat eating idjets after you toss a couple of cocktails into our hands. But fear not... We walked everywhere we went and Marci stayed here.
This morning there was rice krispy residue on everything. Gross.
But it is funny how we have so much fun with each other. And interesting how we can sit at a bar for a few hours and not want to talk to anyone for longer than 3 minutes. That seems to be either our attention span, or the amount of time people can deal with us before they have to escape.


Marci sucks! She totally just broke my really expensive wooden spatula that I used exclusively to make Rice Krispy treats. (Cept I got them at Ikea and they were not pricey.) I am gonna make her pay. Look at what she did!!!!! (b)

II do suck, but she is eatint thetreats now. Maybe it'llbe ok one day. I am not sure, but she is toally loving it like an ice cream cone.SHe makes me eat the line single krispy guys off the broken spoon., WTHF? (m)

Whatevr! I so do notmistreat her in any way!
Typing is hard.. (b)

so hard. drin king too. (m)

MArci's first date, andshe's already being aaabused

Buggie lostherboobs...erbooze.But now it's found. Say yay! Mmm Krispy treats. Treats. Yum,,, do commas mean anything?( disclaimer: we do not feel any desire to fix our ty0pos as we typeas we arenot quite on the side of the soberside of the LAW! So that is whatyou are dealling with, and any other time we would so totally care, but right now we have bigger things on our minds like, mmm, Rice Krispy treats. Deal with it!)
I go tbigger shiiiit on my mind and if you wanto to knwo, you just have to ask me. AS'right?(Marci)
See what I mean? She is sooooooo drunk.

I am sooooo ber.

Not so mufhzz. Much. I think shewants to make out with me. She just hit me with theb rice crispy spoon. I am not that kindof gir.

me either, aya freak. I just wantsome godddamn treats,

comma. shitl/ (0ok. maybe a liitle drunk)....dsigh.

Marci says being drunk is hard.
I say she should not hit me with the treat spoon anymore. Domestic abuse is always frowned upon. Marci is drunk. She is sleeping here tonight.
Pray for me.

Whatever.Go load up the spoon Buggie

what am I, your manservant? I am so hot!! I deserve better!

I ampretty too, treaqt are friggin good, Get 'em outta my hair though.

keep em off my carpet too. 5 second rule should not count here, as my home is like a craxk house. please, cleanoing pesoncome and clean. I ain't gonna do it.

caramel popcorn.

We love you soooo much, Jen

more, there is more?

Ok, so my wife, Marci (who is about to snot vodka) and I met out for our usual Friday night date,tonight. She is spending the night tonight because, well, ya gotta keep it real.
Turs out that she ain't no holler back girl. As for me, guess I am still hookd on the boy, my boy. For real! Shiiiiiiii. So there ain't no fear of us getting mixed up in the wrong crowd. We just like
being out with each other, making riice crispy treats.Yum.
Marci is laughing at my typos and I say damn,Biiiiyotch. I am this way way because of you and your marshmallow hair. She is having her own set of troubles. So anyhoo, this is what we be like after a couple of vodkas... How do you like us now!!!!!!!!!
Marci is drunk.
Sooo drunk.

bugger. Nuh uh. I amso sober. I do not drink and I am anice girl who does nottell people to goaway andbeat it because they suck. EAT IT!

Friday night with Marci

Did Buggie erase all that was typed bit ago?If so, it's not my fault, as she has a SPICEbar and not a space bar///so thetypos are not my fault. NO MY FAULT!

all this says Marci

Marci wants to complain

She says that it sucks that the automated person that tells you the call you are trying to make cannot go through is British.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I had a very nice time tonight. I got a bit of a kick in the pants that it is not too late for me to figure out what I need to do to make myself a happy person. Tonight I listened to a person who had a great career and was unhappy with it and chose to take a chance to do something he loved. Now his company is in six cities and doing really well.
I guess my only problem is that I do not know where to begin, but I am gonna make him let me tag along to a couple of his events. I have the feeling that I will be inspired to do something greater than expense reports and powerpoint presentations before too long.
I want more than this. This life I have carved out for myself is pathetic at best. I do not want to look back at my life and remember only bitching about my circumstances and never doing anything about them.
I am not going to worry about what other people want from me, or want me to do. I always have, and while it has gotten me here, I want more than this. So forgive me if I am all over the place for a while. I want to be proud of something I do.

Thanks, Michael.