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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Comment allez vous?

You guys do not leave nearly enough comments. Please. I know it's stupid to beg. But I am doing it anyway. Ya'll make me feel cheap. You come, you read, and you go. Hello! I am a blog. With needs. Comment on my beauty or suckiness. You want something? Ask for it. I need this to be a bit more interactive. Love you all. Need a hug. No more wine. Please and Thank you. I miss my mommy. Booze on a school night is a bad idea. I blame you, Marci. ( Because you are my best friend and I know you will let me.)

Need some help.

Okay, I am going through a bit of identity crisis. I am trying out a bunch of new things to try to figure out who I am. But I am hopelessly uncreative and therefore I am asking you, my friends, for some assignments. I need to try some new things. Can you all offer up some ideas or things for me to do? I will try almost anything. I need a chance to grow beyond what I am right now.
My assignment to you is to come up with some things you'd like to see me try. I will do my damndest and then tell ya'll about it.
Also, any requests on what I should write about. C'mon people. Gimme some feedback. Love ya all. XOXOXOXO

American Idol Update

I'll bet you all thought I forgot that I am obsessed with this show. Wel, you are FOOLS! I love television.
Okay, so I just want to give a brief synopsis of my feelings on the final three contestants on the show.
Vonzell: You are a cute girl, bubbling with personality, but not enough to get away with the hijinx you try to get away with on stage. Seriously, girl, just sing the freakin' song. I don't need you cheering me on, nor do I need your bizarre looks into the camera that demonstrate how much you are "enjoying being on stage". You can sing. Bank on your talent and your personability. Quit with the overindulgent crap. You aren't gonna win.

Carrie: Damn, you are such a cute girl. So pretty. You have a great voice. Unfortunately, you have no personality. Therefore you are jacking me over as I picked you to win the game. Oh, Carrie. Figure yourself out and follow through. You could get away with about anything. People like you. I am afraid you ain't gonna win.

Bo: Okay, you win. You got it. You know who you are. You are a rockstar. You have big nostrils andyou will be the next American Idol. (Though I hope, for your sake, that you come in second, because you don't wanna be a popstar.)

Fantasia... Seriously??? The girl sounds like she has a sinus infection. She won last year? How much faith can one have in the results of this contest?

Last thing... Woo booze.. I need it to get through a whole show.

Simon: I heart you. Gimme a call.

Paula: stop calling me. It's not going to happen.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Funny bugger

I was walking into my house from the street, not paying attention to where I was stepping. I looked down and realized I almost stepped on a caterpillar. Had I tread on him, I would have been a caterKiller!!!

(Where do I come up with these priceless gems?!?)