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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Events of the past year

I am feeling really writey today.
In honor of the anniversary of my blog, I want to revisit the past year, based on what I wrote to you guys.

  • I still have not seen White Noise the movie I talked about seeing over a year ago. It is languishing somewhere on my mile long Netflix queue. (And I am still scared to see it alone.)
  • I do not have fleas any longer. Yay!
  • I am still way too involved with American Idol, but as the season has just started, I am not obsessed yet. Plus, the crush on Simon has dissipated a bit. But I still love me some Kelly Clarkson. (Have not quite figured Carrie Underwood out yet. H.A.T.E. those Kit Kat commercials.)
  • Everything is still blocked from my viewing online at work, but I figured out a way to break in and write stuff on my blog. I just can't read any. AND I cannot upload software anymore. Soon I will need special permission just to turn my computer on.
  • I am still head over heels in love with my DVR. Can't I get a job where I just watch television? It is obvious I have no standards for quality. I will watch anything!
  • Marci and I are hilarious when we are together, especially when under the influence.
  • Boys hit on me weird.
  • I think that Avril is starting to not look like me anymore. I also think that Naomi and I are moving apart, looks-wise. But I hold on to my twin in Scarlett. I just wish I had her voice.
  • I adore my mother and that is just a fact.
  • I do love baseball. The fact that some of the boys are cute is nice, but that does not mean that I want to touch them. It does make it easier to watch a game of which you don't like either team, though.
  • I am thoroughly appalled by people who cheat on their mates. I think this is abundantly clear throughout a lot of my writing.
  • I still have not received either pair of boots thatI have asked for. (!) (heh, that looks like a butt, but was supposed to be a demonstration of my shock and dismay.)
  • I'm still concerned about my life and where I am heading and all that jazz, but I guess that is what keeping us striving and reaching forward. I guess I am okay with wondering.
  • I'm still stubborn and passionate about some things and I am afraid that will never change.

Assessment: School is hard, people are weird and I get bored a lot. Loves it!

Happy Anniversary, Ah Bugger!

Okay, so it has been a little more than a year that I have been regaling you lucky dogs with fanastic lights-a-tripping stories of my oh-so-fabulous life. (Thanks Marci, for recognizing it!)
I have been re-reading some of my prose and find that I totally come off as a lunatic sometimes. But, hell, you write in the moment, you know? And me, I wear my heart on my sleeve, so what is on the inside is coming out, whether you wanna see it or not.
I have learned that I am really ranty. I also have my funny moments, but usually I am just really ranty. I guess a lot of things tick me off. Hmm. But it is nice to have a place to vent.
So thanks for reading. Thanks for giving me a place to hang my head, or pat myself on the back. Thanks for not reading my issues and telling me how to fix them.
Cheers to one year of insanity. Here's to many more!

Gimme the Gawddamn peanut!

I was watching Walk the Line the other night.
In one scene, June Carter and Johnny Cash are lying in bed together and he is eating peanuts. Well, don't them peanuts look good? June wants one and Johnny brings the peanut to her mouth and then... pops it into his own.
Well, of course she is upset, so Johnny wants to make it up to her by offering her another peanut. He aims the peanut at her mouth that she has trustingly opened again in anticipation of this tasty legume. Damn, if he does not enjoy the thing himself again! Well, now he has gone and done it. Hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, shame on me. No more open mouth. Lips tightly sealed, June turns away from him. He pleads with her. "Come on, June. You know I am a nice guy. Let me try again." She says "No way, Johnny." but then she lets him have another go, and do you know what he does? THAT'S RIGHT. He eats the gawddamn peanut hisself.

This is a perfect example of men and women. Men do something stupid, women accept the apology. Men do something stupid again, beg for forgiveness, women accept apology. Men do something stupid yet again, women get fed up say "No more!"...so Men commences cajoling, and women give in once more. Stupid. Why do we fall for it over and over and over?
(yeah, I'm jaded. Whatcha gonna do about it?)

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dear Slurpy.

Hey, Slurpy McDrinkerson. You disgust me. I hate how you suck up your beverage, making as much noise as possible. You are an adult. Why does it seem like you are making reverse bubbles into your drink while you are sipping? If it is too hot, let it cool down. Get an ice cube. Cripes, drink something cold. But that won't stop you, will it, Slurpy? You'll slurp down milk, too.

Why does so much noise need to be made while eating? I don't want to hear you enjoying it. I can see you. Hush now.


P.S. My boss is a Slurpy McDrinkerson and so are people in the movies. This trend ends tonight.