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Friday, January 13, 2006

School Schmool

No one took me up on my Grey Goose bet, so I don't have to pay up. Yay! I got a B+ in my last class. You would not believe what that did to my GPA. What the heck, you know? It should not be that great of a decrease.
I was a point away from an A-, but when I wrote to my teacher, she wrote back telling me that I earned my grade and should be satisfied with it. They do not inflate grades at Boston University. Smeh! A flicking point!
Next class starts on Tuesday. It is on the history of American Indians. It had better be a good class. I can't be B+ing my way through school. This time, though, I think I got the right books. (oops, about last class and my outdated textbook that I bought on Amazon.com for $1.50. Hard to believe that it was the wrong edition.)
Go Terriers!!!


Blogger Claudette said...

I fought a B+ that one of my profs was trying to give me too. I fought the law and the law didn't win though. :-P I guess we can really appreciate a perfect score now more than when we couldn't have cared less about academics. I'm clinging onto my 2 A's this semester and even afraid to take another tough class because what if I get this nice new average tainted?

The History of American Indians sounds really interesting. I think it's gonna be what gets you back to your A average. I'm not sure what classes I'm taking this semester yet. Have to check back with the University for the 'required' class list.

1/16/2006 10:30:00 AM  

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