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Friday, January 13, 2006

School Schmool

No one took me up on my Grey Goose bet, so I don't have to pay up. Yay! I got a B+ in my last class. You would not believe what that did to my GPA. What the heck, you know? It should not be that great of a decrease.
I was a point away from an A-, but when I wrote to my teacher, she wrote back telling me that I earned my grade and should be satisfied with it. They do not inflate grades at Boston University. Smeh! A flicking point!
Next class starts on Tuesday. It is on the history of American Indians. It had better be a good class. I can't be B+ing my way through school. This time, though, I think I got the right books. (oops, about last class and my outdated textbook that I bought on Amazon.com for $1.50. Hard to believe that it was the wrong edition.)
Go Terriers!!!

Questionable riches

Forbes posted its top-earning young celebrities list.
First off, Ashlee Simpson earned over $5M in 2005! Seriously? I mean, I can sing better (not that that is saying much); I would probably not do a hoe down, ever...; And I have not, nor would not ever be having sex with my dad. (Oh no, she did not go there! Oh yes, I totally went there. You think it, too. But the truly sad part about it is that he'd rather be having the sex with Jessica...Gross.)
Second, Paris Hilton has an occupation?!? I would like my resume to state that I am a personality. It would be great. And meeting new people would probably go something like this:
Random person (RP): Hi, I am an attorney. What do you do?
Buggie: I am a personality.
Buggie: (Smiles and thrusts out hip to place emaciated hand on it.)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A KFed review.

Apparently, Kevin Federline is all the rage amongst my pals. I wanna be in on the hottest topic du jour... Rich sent me the latest and greatest song by the world's next biggest star. Here is our review of Popozao, by Kevin Federline. (AKA Dirty McStanky.)

Rich (10:01:40 AM): shall I send you K-Fed's new song?
Buggie (10:02:29 AM): sure
Buggie (10:02:34 AM): I would be much obliged

Rich (10:02:38 AM): it's something else
Buggie (10:21:58 AM): is he taking himself seriously?
Buggie (10:22:16 AM): poppopopopopopzao
Buggie (10:22:21 AM): po po po po
Rich (10:22:26 AM): you aren't hating on him are you?
Buggie (10:22:30 AM): I wanna see some popozao
Buggie (10:22:37 AM): no, just a little confused

Rich (10:22:39 AM): again and again and again
Buggie (10:22:47 AM): I feel like I was aurally raped
Rich (10:23:03 AM): I was going to write a review
Buggie (10:23:06 AM): what is popozao
Rich (10:23:09 AM): but I'll let you go first
Buggie (10:23:18 AM): in German, popo is your bottom
Buggie (10:23:27 AM): no, by all means. that was wonderful. great job, Kevfed
Buggie (10:24:00 AM): oh, I found it is brazillian slang for big behind
Rich (10:24:42 AM): yes. he says so in the song
Buggie (10:24:58 AM): please promise me it won't ever rape me in the ears again. esp. in my car when I am innocently listening to the radio