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Friday, January 06, 2006

Got my passport ready

I got new suitcases today. Now I need to go on another trip.
These are the best dang suitcases I have ever seen. Durable as all sin, quiet wheels, and blue, my favorite color. Of course they are darker than they appear to be in the picture.
Ok, I know I just got back from Chicago and before that Colorado and before that Germany and Prague (Pragoo), BUT it was hard to jam all my crap into my sucky suitcase and bring it back to the States with me from Europe. (A girl needs her chocolate.)
The trip from Chicago was brutal! I had a carry-on bag; a laptop bag (weighing 7000 lbs); and my suitcase, weighing 52 lbs (why?), was tearing apart at the seams. I can be a cheap bastard, and always try to take the El to and from O'Hare, but this time I was more than amenable to paying for the freaking taxi so that I did not have to lug all my crap up and down stairs and through tight turnstiles.
Not anymore, baby! For my next trip, whenever that may be, one of my five new travel bags will be suited perfectly. Even the one small carry-on bag that my laptop (my heavy laptop) can live in, has wheels!! WHEELS! Wheee! And they are blue. Precious blue.

Oh, Happiness.

So, where shall we go?

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Lindsay Lohan admits to Vanity Fair that she dabbled in drugs and had a bout with bulimia. What? I just can't believe it. Lindsay, you seem so pure.