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Friday, September 30, 2005

John "Gromit" Roberts..?

Is it just me, or are they similar???

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wrote this using a No. 2 pencil

I'm back in school. It's great. I am enjoying it. Strangely, I really like being graded. I like completing an assignment and having a tangible score for the work I did. Maybe it is because it is something that I don't really get anywhere else right now. In any case, I like knowing where I stand, and that A in my class is a pretty clear indicator to me.
I have been harking back to my days of mandated school going. I never did homework. Well, rarely. VERY RARELY. Yet, I skated through schools on a fairly solid C/B average. (Average being the key word.) When I did do my homework, I almost always got an A. So what the hell? I am rather miffed with myself now, knowing that I could have been a straight A student, had I not been so damn lazy. I am irritated with my teachers for not inspiring me to be an A student. I know that you could say that it was my job to be motivated and to do my work, but I was a kid. That is a teacher's job. To inspire. I am not blaming them solely, but I do think they are close to equal with me for my apathy in school. They had no problems encouraging the straight A kids. you know the ones, they loved being in school and doing homework and yadda yadda yadda. They could not have failed if you put a gun to their heads. You know the type.
I did have the occasional teacher, like Mr. Natale, who impressed me, so I wanted to impress him. But for each of him, I had two like Mrs. Alexander, who accused me of cheating on a test on a book I had written an "A" paper on the year before in Mr. Natale's class. She did not even see me "cheating", but just had a feeling and tried to fail me. By the way, I got every question on that test right, and the person I had been cheating off of got a D. I also had my lovely chem teacher whose name I can't remember because I spent most of her class in the hall. Yeah. In the beginning of the year, before my desk was relocated, I asked if I could come after class because I did not get the material. She said no. I said, how about lunch? She said, how about you read the book again and figure it out yourself. Great! Thanks.
Anyhoooooo, loving being back in school. Loving it. It's a good thing, too, because I have another 2.5 years to go.
Anyone wanna sponsor me? Give me a prize for every A I get? The max is 16 prizes, because that is how many classes I have to take.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Enough about you.

I have two bags that I take with me to work. One carries all of my crap. It was a gift bag from the Grammy Awards a few years ago. It has the Grammy logo on one side, and me.net on the other. My other bag was given to me with my subscription to Self magazine. It is where I put my gym clothes.
So, there I am, walking down the hall.






I was having brunch with my mum and Marci this weekend and we found ourselves discussing my mitral valve prolapse. I made some sort of comment that sounded something like Well, having a goofy heart valve isn't all bad. It forces you to stay in shape. I said it because a friend of mine said that to me when he found out like I had MVP like him.
Marci spat out her food laughing because it is fairly well known that I am not an aficionado of exercise. But the part that got me is that I said it in all seriousness. And had she not been there, I would have believed what I said. I am in good shape, but mostly because of good genes and the occassional pull towards a gym. I guess I really surprised myself. I am more deceitful than I thought. But in such a random way. Did I just say it because it sounded like something you should say?