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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I am still here.

I had all sorts of other photos from age 6 and down, but I am bored with that right now. Maybe you will get punished with my absolute adorableness some later time.
Sorry to be so lax on writing. I swear I will eventually have something good. I have just been to damn busy lately, and what with all the writing I have to do for class, I am plumb out of words, I am. AND my arms are like heavy putty that are simply having a hard time maneuvering over the keyboard. (Because I am a master boxer again, and believe me... after two years hiatus, one forgets how much work it is to box for over an hour. But I love it and am sooo glad that I tricked Marci into going to class with me again.) So, life is active for me right now, but maybe that will spark me into having some funny experience. We'll see. Hope my silence ends soon. (But maybe no one has noticed?)
Maybe my silence was in honor of Tree Frog. Miss you so much!