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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sports Illustrated, here I come! Woooo!

Let's go straight to eight. The years 9-12, not too interesting. My 8th birthday was in Oregon. We had a family reunion with my Dad's side of the family. I am the youngest there by far. My uncle is Roger and my cousins teased me that Mr. Rogers was my uncle. I didn't believe them, but... what if...? So I watched the show with a queer eye for that straight guy.
I loved Men at Work and while my siblings and cousins were off doing teenaged things, I was rocking out by my lonesome to "you better run, you better take a bath." which in actuality, as it turns out, goes "You better run, you better take cover." Lesson learned in a car, 20 years later, when I was singing loudly along and my pal turns the radio down and says, "What did you just sing?"
Third grade. I had straight B's and considering I always ran to the bathroom when it was time to turn in homework, it was amazing! I was an uninspired student, to put it lightly. The part that gets me, is that I think that I could have easily been a straight A student. But I need inspiration. Not self driven.
I am wearing a tube top in this picture that I got from a cousin. I guess it had been planned for me to "Euro" it out there in just my wee little shorts at the lake. But even at the tender age of 7 and 363 days, I was not very exhibitionistic. I had that phase many years later and still in a blushy, square sort of way. I guess I don't feel like you need to see what I can offer unless I want you to. So, I wore a tube top and yanked it up all day long.
I think I still look the same. Just a wee bit taller.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Wanna dance? Er.. not really...

This is age 12 or 13. My first formal. It was at a military academy my friend's older brother went to in Pennsylvania.
My mom made this dress for me. I was super self conscious about my concave chest, so I needed a dress with ginormously puffy sleeves. I was soo pretty in my dress and so inept on the dance floor that I stared at my feet the entire time, just kind of rocking in a bizarre manner.
The best part about my dress is that a while later, I went to a party at some rich kid's house and their wallpaper was the same material as my dress. SWEET!
AND I found a picture of my sister from this era. (She was about 17/18.) She had the same hairstyle! It was the thing! I am not just a freak with wings on my head.