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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Car innuendo leaves you stranded...

Ah, cars. My sweet four year old car and its brand new engine and I were driving down the road to visit my mum and my sister and her family this morning. Now, once I got the new engine wrapped in old car back, I found the gear shifter seemed soft. You know, in the not catching sense? But when I brought it back for a test run, they thought it was fine, so I agreed and thought it was fine and went on my way. But I should listen to my intuition, because it is generally right.

So there I was, driving 30: third gear, 40: fourth gear, 50: fifth gear… wait… where is fifth gear? Lemme try fourth again. Yeah, that works. Up to fifth… Why is my gear shifter just flailing about? Where is fifth? Hey! Where is fourth? Gah! Is there any gear available to me? Useless joystick in my hand as I glide to the shoulder (which I always want to refer to as an elbow…) and turn off my engine. Start it up again and check for rigidity in my gear shaft. Nothing. Flaccid.

Sigh. Here we go again. Taxi came and got me, tow truck took my car, and I got to go spend a few precious hours with my family before my darling mother took me to the dealership to get a loaner car. I think it is all a ploy to get me to go on a date with my dealer guy. Does he not know I am taken?

School Daze

We have a message board for my classes and this was taken directly from it...

"I did my wife and my taxes last weekend."