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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Television Notes

The director of Prison Break put the wrong guy in underpants for the first episode of this season.

The Soup showed a preview of Prison Break (Yum) and then an extreme closeup of Michael Jackson. Dude! That's like eating a delicious cannoli and then being forced to swallow a cupful of castor oil.

I am utterly obsessed with Kyra Sedgwick and am sad about the season of The Closer ending.

There is a character on the new show Back To You named Ryan Church. I wonder if the writer is a Nationals fan. I don't think that show is going to last. Sorry.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Open Letter (Girls need to start looking out for each other)

Dear Girl who dated my ex after (during) me,

I think I may owe you an apology. Of course, I am not certain, but I have an inkling that maybe you were not aware that the guy that you were trying to date had a girlfriend. At the same time, maybe you did and as women we really need to get better about looking out for our fellow women-folk.

However, for the sake of this letter to you, I am assuming that you did not know. I am sorry I was so angry with you. It was "the Idiot"(as he is nicely referred to amongst my friends) that was responsible for his actions towards me. Not you. He should not have gone out with you. He KNEW he had a girlfriend.

When he and I broke up so that he could actually date you, he never stopped calling me. I actually felt sorry for you. But I also did not actively encourage him as I had always felt you had. When he called me after he got off the plane from a trip to New Jersey with you and your family, I realized that he had probably done the same thing to me with you. What an ass.

When I last saw him, he told me something that made me think that he had played us against each other so that he could look like an
innocent bystander in his game. I had to reflect on our past and I realized that you probably had no idea he was such a bag of crap, and neither did I.

It took me forever to see him clearly, but I truly hope you don't let him back into your life. He told me that he liked your money and the fact that no matter what he did, you'd always take him back. You deserve better than that. We all do.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dating Death.

I am sure Evan Rachel Wood thinks she is crossing boundaries and bravely pioneering her way into a different way of living in this crazy, crazy world of ours. She probably looks at her great love, Marilyn Manson (I have the hardest time spelling Marilyn. I always start off with Marylin) and thinks that she is soo much wilder than any other 18 year girl out there. (Do you ever notice that all kids dressed like punks are dressed the same? Um, way to be different.) Anyhooo... do you notice that all the girls that Marilyn Manson dates start to look the same? The Veronica Lake hairstyles... patent leather t-strap shoes... black (or vamp) nailpolish... pale skin... red lips... black dresses... corsets to make their waists Gina Lolabrigida tiny!?!
I believe that Evan has cornered the market on haughty, and I miss Dita Von Teese. (I thought she was pretty, and she seemed fairly normal which is weird, you know, considering her husband [now ex, thanks a lot Evan] and her career... But who am I to judge?)
I'm bored with them. I get wanting to be different, but then don't allow some jackass to make you a carbon copy toy of the ones who came before you. If you DO allow this, then don't pretend you are better than anyone else, when you are so obviously being manipulated. I can't wait to see how she comes out of this, you know, when he starts dating Dakota Fanning. She will probably be all sunshine and light. Oh, and maybe start dating Gene Hackman, or something.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I wanna be cool.

Well, it is not just diamonds that I want. I want to be one of the cool kids like Eve, Lindsay Lohan and now Tracy Morgen and get to sport the super-bling! I want a SCRAM ankle bracelet.
Why is it that one person wears one, then suddenly EVERYONE has one. I thought Hollywood was supposed to be creative.
Oh, and speaking of boozers and Hollywood, God bless the judge who is enforcing the twice weekly drug screen on Britney Spears. Finally, someone is doing something about her behavior. I feel sorry for the girl. I think she got tangled up in her own little web of self-importance which started to erode and decay and drown her. No one wants to help anymore. But she so desperately needs the help. It is a shame that no one cares enough about her to smack her in the face and help her get her sh*t together. I really hope that my friends and family would be willing to get themselves dirty if I were to ever get myself tangled up like Britney.

Girl's best friend

A while back I found a neat website that allowed you to build your own diamond ring. The one I came up with had a platinum band, a two carat asscher cut diamond. (Though I like the cushion cut, too.)Of course the band had a bunch of little wee diamonds as well. I did not save the image of my beautiful ring, nor do I have $25,000 with which to pay for it. If any of your want to give me a swell gift that I am sure to appreciate, here's an idea.

Clussy, it is a shame you already have your ring, but you can still go and play around on this site. It is very comprehensive. I had no idea my engagement ring would cost $25K. But now I do. Now I do.

The Impact of the Kimberly Process

The discovery of diamonds in Africa eventually led to the use of those particular diamonds to fund certain activities that were deemed cruel and it was anticipated that a governing body would need to be created to assure that these diamonds did not infiltrate the diamond market. It was essential that these diamonds, called "blood diamonds" or "conflict diamonds," not be sold in any countries so that the militant groups, who would normally benefit from these diamonds, did not. The process that is now put in place to assure that all diamonds sold is called the Kimberly Process.


This process assures that all diamonds that are imported or exported are sealed in containers and their origins are known as legitimate. The diamonds also include a certificate that assures that the particular diamond is conflict-free. This process has allowed true conflict-free diamonds to be sold in many countries around the world without worry. The Kimberly Process also only allows diamonds to be imported or exported to other countries who also participate in the Kimberly Process so that no conflict diamonds enter or exit these countries. Eventually this process will discourage the sale of conflict-free diamonds, thus making it that much harder for the people who perpetrate the violence in Africa to secure financing for their activities. As of today, more than 71 countries have implemented the Kimberly Process accounting for over 99% of all diamonds sold and distributed in the world.