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Saturday, September 01, 2007

I am not a procrastinator

Today is a very sad day indeed. I have to write three papers on rhetoric. THREE! I suppose I could have started last night. But in the meantime, I did all my laundry, I ironed clothes and a tablecloth, and disinfected the highly questionable area that houses my toolbox and laundry detergent. (That's something I would never have done, were it not for those three papers.) I have also finally uploaded all the photos off of my camera (413, thankyouverymuch) and even sent Marci's birthday ones to the attendees thereof. I have arranged my study area to be conducive to said papers writing and even sorted through all my pants, suits and dresses. I am not a procrastinator. It is just that I am inspired to do a myriad of other things when it comes time to write for school.


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