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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I dunno...

I don't know about Senator Craig's alleged attempt at a sexual tryst with a plainclothes officer in the bathroom of a Minneapolis airport. Read the police report here and tell me if you don't think that the officer may have possibly misconstrued some of the actions, if these actions took place at all.
If he is guilty, then he should be ashamed of himself for trying to get freaky in a public bathroom, 'cause that is just not right. But very honestly, if the chick in the stall next to mine at the Orioles game was sending me some romantical signals, I totally missed them, because I am not loking for that kind of stuff. Actually, truth be told, I had no idea I was supposed to be looking for them. But even so, all I will do now, when I get the under stall hand-swipe signal for some same-sex lovin', is slip some toilet paper into her hand. 
The way the police report is written, it seems like that cop was sitting in that stall, shakin' in his boots at the idea that someone may attempt something lewd with him. Perhaps Craig really does have a wide potty stance. Maybe he was reaching for a piece of paper. Perhaps he does not see very well, and that is why it appeared it was staring into the stall. Besides, what was the cop doing in the stall to make it appear authentic that he was actually performing an act that is an "actual intended use of the restroom"? I bring this up, because those spaces in the door are huge. I can see all sorts of stuff going on when I am hopping from on foot to the other in line for the potty at Carpool. I am not even trying to look.


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