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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

blah blah geek blah beauty blah blah

I like watching Beauty and the Geek. So does my mom, actually, which I think makes a statement as to the validity of what they call a social experiment.

This season is exceptionally ugly and not all that smart. Tony, the first male half to be kicked off, did not even know whether a Democrat could run independent. Just look at Joe Lieberman. He's a geek who'd actually know. (Sorry, Joe. You're not a geek...)

Maybe the point of the social experiment is to say that girls who consider themselves beauties are not necessarily pretty, and are not smart. (Note to self: I am not a beauty. Yay!!! Neither are my friends.)

Geeks are bowtie-wearing, non-shaving, lack of hygiene practicing, virgins who occassionally spout off some empirical formula. So basically a geek could be one of the homeless guys who greets me every day in Georgetown. (But no. They have more social skills.)(By the way, it is Fitty Cent... Okay? I even know that. Geez! That means you, too, Kane. I can't stand your morning radio show on 99.5).

So what is this addition of a male beauty and female geek? I have long wanted them to switch it up and make the guys hot and the chicks smart, but what they have done is weird. How do you kids not recognize that meat head from Little Giants? His crazy, creepy eyes give him away in a second. Besides, he is so over the top. I have to believe the female geek is an actor, too.

I don't know why I am talking about this. I am not really up in arms about any part of it other than the girls are not that attractive and the guys are rather stupid. Where is the guy who can tell me what a fractal is? I know what it is. Right Jen? Marci? Let's change is up and show what the world really looks like. Hot smart girls and a bunch of oooold men. At least that's my world. Sigh. Too bad I am not into either.

Sidenote: as I am feeling yappy... My boss asked to bring one of the many men waiting to speak to him into his office. I told him I did not know which one he wanted as all old white men look the same to me.


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