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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dating Death.

I am sure Evan Rachel Wood thinks she is crossing boundaries and bravely pioneering her way into a different way of living in this crazy, crazy world of ours. She probably looks at her great love, Marilyn Manson (I have the hardest time spelling Marilyn. I always start off with Marylin) and thinks that she is soo much wilder than any other 18 year girl out there. (Do you ever notice that all kids dressed like punks are dressed the same? Um, way to be different.) Anyhooo... do you notice that all the girls that Marilyn Manson dates start to look the same? The Veronica Lake hairstyles... patent leather t-strap shoes... black (or vamp) nailpolish... pale skin... red lips... black dresses... corsets to make their waists Gina Lolabrigida tiny!?!
I believe that Evan has cornered the market on haughty, and I miss Dita Von Teese. (I thought she was pretty, and she seemed fairly normal which is weird, you know, considering her husband [now ex, thanks a lot Evan] and her career... But who am I to judge?)
I'm bored with them. I get wanting to be different, but then don't allow some jackass to make you a carbon copy toy of the ones who came before you. If you DO allow this, then don't pretend you are better than anyone else, when you are so obviously being manipulated. I can't wait to see how she comes out of this, you know, when he starts dating Dakota Fanning. She will probably be all sunshine and light. Oh, and maybe start dating Gene Hackman, or something.


Anonymous suicide_blond said...

i miss dita too...

9/20/2007 01:34:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only an idiot would name themselves after Charlie Manson.

9/25/2007 06:17:00 PM  

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