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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Girl's best friend

A while back I found a neat website that allowed you to build your own diamond ring. The one I came up with had a platinum band, a two carat asscher cut diamond. (Though I like the cushion cut, too.)Of course the band had a bunch of little wee diamonds as well. I did not save the image of my beautiful ring, nor do I have $25,000 with which to pay for it. If any of your want to give me a swell gift that I am sure to appreciate, here's an idea.

Clussy, it is a shame you already have your ring, but you can still go and play around on this site. It is very comprehensive. I had no idea my engagement ring would cost $25K. But now I do. Now I do.


Blogger Claudette said...

You know, I love me some shiny diamonds but I definitely like the smaller variety because it says 'pretty but you gotta pay attention to see it'. I remember when Grasshopper first gave me a set of diamond earrings and necklace for Xmas many years back and I was disappointed because they looked too big to me and gawdy even (see, cuz I'd never owned diamonds so it felt too flashy for me) but then I fell in love with them (and now Harms is the proud owner of said rocks) and then when he presented an engagement ring to me, it was big but cloudy and that in itself was disappointing. I had said repeatedly that I'd rather a small fraction of a carat and it be clear and sparkly. But instead it was big and not so sparkley. Point of the story? Uh, dunno. You brought up diamonds and my thoughts spilled out into this little comment box. Apparently Cowboy had researched these diamond building websites and ended up building a few different styles on Blue Nile and he did really well actually. Not over-stated or flashy but perfect clarity and color and he even sat me down and taught me all his learnings on the sparkley goods.

Shit, I can't stop rambling.

I want a diamond encrusted Clussy name tag next. I'd rock that out so hard.

Stopping now.

9/19/2007 03:57:00 PM  

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