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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bend me, break me.

When I was about five years old, my uncle came to visit us. He picked me up at my school and took me to the PX. He said I could have anything in the store. My five year old self decided that it needed flexi straws. Not just straws, but flexi ones. I remember that being very important. I think I would have been very disappointed with regular straws. We came home with a box of these delightful straws that had an accordian bend near the top that allowed me to bend the straw in order to better be able to enjoy my beverage from any angle. This might have been exceptionally important due to my lack of stature and the imposing height of the table. Whatever my reasoning was, it was truly the best gift I had ever received.
I could have had anything in that place, and the PX is filled to the brim with goodies. But flexi straws were it for me. Even now, at the ripe age of 32, I feel justified in my choice of flexi straws. What would I chose today, if given the same opportunity? Everything seems so complicated now. I can't imagine being able to make the right choice today. Yet, I know that those straws were the right choice then. Otherwise, how could it still be considered the best gift/choice I ever got/made in my life?
So, are things more complicated now because that is just what happens as we get older? Or do we just forget what it is we really want?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Why does Gwyneth...

keep having babies if she hates them so much? I heard that she wants to name her son "Mortimer". Is the Coldplay guy scared to say something?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Grammar Czar

I believe I am single-handedly recreating the standards for sentence structure, because seriously... see below...

Live nude doggies

I found the cutest website today during a flash of boredom whilst all my floor was in an all-day meeting that, luckily, did not involve me. Alas, it gets really damn boring without them folks around. I would never, not EVER! have thought that! AND I actually found a cute webpage that was not blocked, but probably will be tomorrow, as I appear to be the company's firewall litmus test. I just wanted to see photos (I truly tried spelling that "photoes" - Hello, Buggy Quayle.) of super cute Boston Terriers because - swoon! (Ok, maybe swoon should be saved for Wentworth, but definitely c.u.t.e!)
So, after that long intro, let me introduce you to http://www.littlebeasts.com/ where you can find swell photos (I did it again!) and a live puppy cam. Cutie patootie!
Doesn't someone want to get me a dog and then move in with me to pay for it and take care of it?