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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Live nude doggies

I found the cutest website today during a flash of boredom whilst all my floor was in an all-day meeting that, luckily, did not involve me. Alas, it gets really damn boring without them folks around. I would never, not EVER! have thought that! AND I actually found a cute webpage that was not blocked, but probably will be tomorrow, as I appear to be the company's firewall litmus test. I just wanted to see photos (I truly tried spelling that "photoes" - Hello, Buggy Quayle.) of super cute Boston Terriers because - swoon! (Ok, maybe swoon should be saved for Wentworth, but definitely c.u.t.e!)
So, after that long intro, let me introduce you to http://www.littlebeasts.com/ where you can find swell photos (I did it again!) and a live puppy cam. Cutie patootie!
Doesn't someone want to get me a dog and then move in with me to pay for it and take care of it?


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