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Thursday, July 12, 2007

War. Ugh! What is it good for?

In the last six years, while the American and various foreign militaries waged war on the Middle East, specifically Al-Qaeda, we have gotten progressively worse, and they have gotten progressively stronger? Wow, good battle plan. Now, not only are they in as good of shape as ever, but we are a shadow of our former selves; beaten down and weary, and how do we plan to defend ourselves now?
It is one thing to fight a battle, even one that we might not win, for honor and freedom and the safety of our people. This war seems to have made a mockery of all of those respectable things one sacrifices and fights for.
Who are we fighting anyway? If Al-Qaeda is getting stronger, it is obviously not them. Maybe this war is against the angry, lonely young men who in their society have no chance at happiness and choose instead to receive their gift of lots of lovely virgins at the price of the lives of some people who get in the way.
Whatever the case, we are doing something wrong. No matter what anyone says, we are never in too deep to be able to turn around and do the right thing.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I grew up in Springfield, Virginia and am a wee bit disappointed at our lack of inclusion in The Simpson's Movie Challenge. A little bit of research shows that Matt Groening (creator) was born in Springfield, Oregon. BUT isn't the plant Homer works in based on the Pentagon which is in Arlington near Springfield, VA? HMM?
We could have had the film premiere at Springfield Mall! Reception at Bennigans! Appetizers at Ruby Tuesdays! Made the food court over with a Simpsons theme! We were not even considered! Are our dollar stores not up to par with the ones in Springfield, Missouri? Don't we have more shoe stores than Springfield, KY? What about our local gangs? They are exceptionally rampant in that mall. It all adds flavor to the premiere, Hollywood!
Not to be overlooked, Springfield Mall has hosted a movie premiere before. It was for me and my friend Tony in our feature film "Deep Impact". Yes, major stars in your backyard, Northern Virginians! Major stars...
I am hurt and disappointed that our little town of Springfield, was not cool enough for you, Homer.
Enjoy your win, Springfield, Vermont. Hmph.

There's a Bug in Right Field

I played my first softball game, as an adult, yesterday. I had to drive my little car into the middle of nowhere while fearing that my co-workers were not going to play ball with me. Their goal was far more nefarious. But the trees broke and lo, a recreation park complete with ball field. I was given my team shirt which I wore with pride and sent out into the depths of right field where I crouched menacingly. (I see them do it in the big leagues.) I frightened the other team with my glare so much that they only sent one ball in my direction which I promptly ran after, skidded after, pounced on and then threw in the style of wimpy towards second. BUT I GOT IT. My at bats were quite thrilling, if I say so myself. My first at bat produced a pop fly to the pitcher. My second was a single RBI. (Yeah!) Third at bat I looked like Bugs Bunny when he was chopping up the air on Loony Toons.
Our team left dirty, smelly and broken. We are old and fragile. There were several shinjuries. (haha).
We played a double header. The final scores were impressive!
We lost both