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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Delicious Chili Cheese corn chips by Frito.

In Colorado, they are on the shelf to buy any time. Here, they are "Limited Anniversary Edition". Hmph. Everything I like goes away.
  • Tootsie Pop Popsicles
  • Snackwell's Cracked Pepper crackers
  • OJ's cereal. (But it was orange Juice, not the wife/ waiter killer)
  • Swanson weenie and beans TV dinner. It was good, with Chocolate pudding AND apple slices.
  • Cap'n Cruch Oops All Berries
  • The little bag that had just the insides of Zots candy. YUM.
I am sure there is a ton of other stuff, but I am still at work and I have a mazillion things to do.
Bring back the stuff I like. I feel like I buy the hell out of it and still you respect me not.


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