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Friday, April 21, 2006

Thoughts from a drive into DC at 5 pm, Friday...

Got myself cute-ish (post work..) because I wanted to go hang out at happy hour with this lovely thang. Wow, traffic is stopped going in and out of the city. It's fine, I have good music. Rocking out. Marci calls. I am soo near. I'll see you in five minutes! Several tours around the Watergate and the Kennedy Center. It's all good, soon as I see a parking space, I will just park and hoof it. Another tour around the Kennedy Center. Hmm, event parking over here is only $10. I will have to remember that. Hey, whaaa.. I am on a bridge. How did this happen? Welcome to Virginia..? But I.. Look at the traffic going back into the city. It will take me an hour to get back to where I was.
Hey, Marci... I am going home. This sucks. And now it's raining. Pheh!!!
But I did manage to capture this. Yikes!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Is it irony, or just interesting..?

that both Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields baby's were born on the same day? Maybe this time he will be able to keep his crazy mouth shut.

Surprised that the Tomkitten is female. I thought the antichrist was supposed to be a boy.

Maybe the two girls (Shields Jr. and Cruise Jr.) can tease each other into an eating disorder later in life.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Easter Photo Blog

Marci and I hosted an Easter dinner at my house this year. We invited several friends. We had no idea how competitive Rich is. But now we know, and are sufficiently impressed and scared. But he got beat by a girl twice, today. The same girl. This one.

The kitchen was severly abused. But the menu consisted of some dee-lish things. On the appetizer table were "resurrection eggs" (Because the devil was not invited to our Easter party...deviled eggs), cheese and fruit platter, bread and olive tapenade and candy. Dinner was fresh mashed potatoes, beef wellington, provincial peas and a big salad. Lots of wine and tada! Dessert was mastered by Marci. She outdid herself with a rhubard torte and cupcakes, which were not devil's food, but rather cupcakes of the garden of Gethsemene. (Cause Jesus was arrested there.......) This is the destroyed kitchen.

This is Marci making the place so pretty. Those tulips never cheered up. Wonder if they missed the news that Jesus arose from the dead and that they should rejoice!

This is the egg hunt. Rich dominated. Angel was upset that she found no eggs. But I think she just needs to try a little harder. She is holding one that Jen found.

B was not so lucky either. He found ONE! (Second lowest..)

The egg smashing contest was a smashing success. Jen tried and failed to defeat Clussy's dominating egg. Clussy is egg smasher eggstraordinaire! (Didja see what I did there?)

Omigod. We are so cute, I could die. but I don't have to because God sent his only begotten son so that I may live forever.The submissions for the art (crayon coloring) contest. The winning artistic rendering and its adoring artist.
But in the end, the winner of the big basket (It had to go to a trivia tie-breaker) was Clussy. She answered how many mm are in a km correctly. (1 million). It was a three-way tie for Rich found the most eggs, B won the coloring contest and Clussy had the dominating egg. (many people thought the egg smash dominator should be the winner, but we had to be fair. She kicked ass! AND shared her winnings anyway.

Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

My tree is a snow maker

Ahh spring. Beautiful cherry blossoms: that can be mistyped as cheery blossoms, and still work. We have several cherry blossom trees in my neighborhood, and not because I feel like it is mine, or anything, but the one right in front of my house is the very bestest indeed.


The blossoms fall. Then it looks like it snowed. Heavily. Pink snow. Pretty. (Says the teeny girl in me.) Bah! says the person in me who has to sweep it all up.