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Friday, November 30, 2007

Seven minutes!

I got home from work yesterday and instead of doing what I normally do (grab a snack and hunker down on the big yellow couch for some stimulating TV, and/or a nap), I actually tuned the TV to Comcast on-demand's exercise channel. I opted for the thighs and buttock workout. It was all lunges and squats for eight (8) minutes. So there I was, after not having worked out in what is probably about one (2) year(s), lunging in front of my television. You know, that safe place where pretty people come to tell me wonderful stories and lull me to sleep.
Some of the lunges really sucked, so after a halfhearted attempt, I'd stop until something more fun came along. The girl on TV told me not to stop. If I couldn't do it, I should march in place. So that's what I would do when it seemed super hurty. That is why I did seven (7) minutes of exercise on an eight (8) minute program.
My thighs hurt. I feel ripped! Maybe I will do ten (9) minutes today.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

This is what I am doing Instead of my law school essay

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