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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Loopy in LaLaLand

I have been in LA for a few days. I met up with my friend Cary in Malibu and we wandered along the beach where we happened upon some surfers and a naked dude who was sunning himself on a little towel. I averted my eyes, but then looked back to make sure that he was indeedly nekkid. Then I came around a big rock and ANOTHER naked dude was there to be found. I averted my eyes and kept on walking. (Because I am a lady).
We went to the Dresden Room where we found this couple, who apparently have been performing there for centuries. I think what keeps them together is their hair dye. I want to be like them when I am a little bit older. Who will be my hair dye love connection? Afterwards we went to the Joy Luck Club? The Good Luck Club? I don't recall. But it was a cute place and I spied Ryan Gosling hanging out. I did not tell him about the paper I wrote for college citing his film Lars and the Real Girl. Yesterday, Cary and I talked with French film director Pitof. That's my BC Lions t-shirt! I look a little crazy, but it was late and I am a little crazy. We also went to the Sony studios where we wandered around, having a chance to peek at the Angels and Demons set. We wandered through an airlock, but I can't remember the book well enough to know what part of the story the airlock is in. But when I see the film, I can holler, Hey! That's the airlock I wandered through! Yay! We watched the filming of 'Til Death. I took this photo with my phone, and I am not certain how legal that was, so I hope no one gets mad at me... Watching a filming was fun. I had no idea that soo many people were on set. I almost got run over by Tom Hanks on a bicycle(R)*. I was pulled to safety in the nick of time by Cary. Phew.
I got to meet some of Cary's friends, Ellen and Mark. They are both awesome.
I also went back to Burbank, where I lived for a few seconds 14 years ago. (Yipes). I almost could not find my way around. Everything is different. I don't think I could live in the Valley again. (Princess is back!)

*All rights reserved by Mark.


Blogger chanuck said...

The Dresden room and the couple were in the movie "Swingers". And was the "luck bar" you speak of possibly "the good luck bar" off sunset? Small dark. First area with a bar and second larger room with sofas along the edge? If that is it that is my FAVORITE bar in LA. Liz and I took all the "kids" from our wedding there.

Glad to see you are still having a good time.

8/16/2008 10:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Oh you should've let Tom Hanks run you over! He probably would've just riffed off a couple thousand dollar bills by way of apology :-D

8/18/2008 09:47:00 AM  
Blogger melissa said...

cool pictures! Burbank is boring...

8/19/2008 01:54:00 PM  

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