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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

'spose I'll have to come back to Seattle sometime...

I was so excited to see Seattle. I got up fairly early (read: alarm went off at 7:30 and I got up at 9) and had some breakfast. I went to the Tacoma Glass Museum. It was really cool, the various works of art there. I would have loved to have bought a piece, but the average price was several hundred dollars. Instead I bought two little glass bugs. They were a buck each.

I headed into Seattle and found a place to park on the marina. I wanted to go to the Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center which is a hands on kind of museum (my favorite!), but they were closed due to some Microsoft event. Grr. So I went to the Seattle aquarium. I was in and out in 12.2 seconds. There was nothing to see except a wolf eel which looked like an old man chomping on his dentures, a wee little octopus who was squished so tightly into a corner that I nearly missed him, and a bunch of starfish. Wow. Worth the $15. Nope.

So then I wandered up to Pike's Market where, apparently, a mood had set in and I was not appreciative of this place I have been aching to go to forever. I pushed my way through lackadaisical crowds who languished at the stands piled high with clams and whole pike. I scoffed at the magic store and turned my nose up at the sterling silver jewelry. Uh oh, I thought. I am not feeling this.

History: Every time Marci and I take a trip, there is a day where we hang out in the hotel room and do nothing. We eat candy, stay in bed all day and watch bad television (usually some girly film that ends super happily). I think that moment in time hit me today. But what about Seattle? I was determined to see and do stuff. I drove to the Space Needle and looked up at it . I contemplated going up into it, but the crowd waiting to go up made me grumpy (er) and I turned on my snotty little heel and went to the monorail. I paid $2 to go to a mall. Once in the mall, I wandered about and then paid $2 to go back to where I started. In the monorail, I noticed that the flagship Macy's was right where I just left. Dang. If the Macy's was there, then the Nordstrom ought to be nearby. But I was headed back to the Space Needle. I got into my car and drove over to that area. While doing so, I contemplated the name Nordstrom. Loosely translated from German it means northern electricity. So then I thought, well Nordstrom must be Swedish (like Ikea). Truly, the amount of thought I gave it was unbearable. Then I suddenly could not go there anymore. (Plus, I just had to look Nordstrom up because I have thought about it so much that it no longer seems to be the right name, but it is.)

I drove on. Well, best I could considering the traffic. For a second I thought I was back in DC. ACK! I just kept going.

I am missing out on the tour of the Seattle underground. I am missing out on the Orcas. I am missing out on Seattle, but I don't care! Am I burnt out? I don't think so. I just think I was not ready for a city on my own after having been in so many national parks and then with friends. Plus, there is just always that one hotel/bed/tv day.


Anonymous Marci said...

OMG. Hotel/bed/tv/room service/candy/pj day is a necessity...but ever so hard to take when you are by yourself (or with someone who doesn't appreciate it). I feel your angst. (And btw, I am ever so glad that we can one, take these days together and two, feel the need for them at the same time. Our souls, they are connected). Big hugs, like with two arms and hips touching.

7/30/2008 11:31:00 PM  
Blogger Mark said...


Are you telling me you did not ride the SLUT? Now that would brighten anyone's day. I was hoping for photographic evidence.

7/31/2008 12:52:00 PM  

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