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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Washington and more National Parks

Okay, I am getting sleepy, but I guess I should get you all up to date while I can. I will be heading to visit family soon and that will leave you entry free for a little while.

I am currently near Seattle, WA. I am beyond thrilled to get to witness this city. Back in the day, I applied to the University of Washington. They did not accept me. But I could have possibly lived here. I have always wanted to go to Pikes Market, etc. Tomorrow I will start by seeing the glass museum in Tacoma.

Today I drove some random path into Olympic National Park. Several miles in (to the nothing... I just drove up a steep mountainous path into nothing), my gas light went on. Uh oh. I kept driving because the Tomtom said there was a gas station in a few miles. (Where, on the top of the mountain?) I was freaking out. There was no sign of life and I had not encountered anyone in a long time so I finally wised up and turned (carefully. It was a narrow road) around. The road was super windy and the edge dropped off terrifyingly. I put the car in neutral and coasted down the mountain at breakneck speeds. I coasted for 25 miles. I wanted to not have to walk and get gas and my plan let me go an additional 40 miles on empty. Ack. Never will I go below 1/4 tank again!!!This could have been one of the last things I ever saw...

Then I took a different path into the same park. I stopped and had lunch at the lodge. Fresh halibut. Yum. Plus there was a painting on the wall there I really liked. I wrote down the artist's name and maybe I can order a piece.

This was the view of Lake Crescent from the lodge. After lunch I hiked the Moments in Time trail. I saw a couple of deer who showed no fear of me, whatsoever. I kept walking and got scared that I may be eaten by a bear. I actually turned around to head back to my car, but then ran into a couple from Nebraska and forced them to let me walk the trail with them. After we parted ways, I found my way up to Marymere Falls. The path was steep that I was panting a bit. (Shameful). I was apparently rather gleeful in having gotten to the top! Like the hair? I flipped my head over and fluffed it up. Trust me, this picture is way better that the one right before it. This tree was big and so I set up my camera to take my picture. I want to compare this picture to ones I will take at Sequoia National Park.

I left the park and found myself at a blackjack table somewhere on my route towards Seattle. I chatted up the old men sitting there (connected to an oxygen tank) before losing my $20 and heading back into my dark gray chariot.

That's all for now!

xoxoxoxoi (the i is for Clussy)


Blogger Claudette said...

Holy crap! That tree is huge!

... you slipped me the tongue with that teeny lil i. Saucy.

Can't wait to see you!

7/30/2008 10:38:00 AM  

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