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Friday, August 08, 2008

Dear Dairy Queen

Thank you for placing your restrooms right by the entrance in an area that is unpopulated by enjoyers of your brazier treats. The fact that it is also an area that is our of sight of your staff is great, too. I appreciate this for I have found myself designating your establishment as my bathroom of choice on this road trip of mine. Not only are you located on every main street in North America, your facilities are fairly clean.
Please know that when I come hobbling in, due to the fact that I wait until the absolute last minute to stop, I do have intentions of rewarding myself with a delicious frozen treat. However, once I have taken care of business, I find that I just want to leave and hit the road again. I do not know what you could do to change this.
Today I stood in line, but the girl behind the counter was really quite slow and there was a twisting queue of anxious pre-pubescents hovering behind me and which made me start to feel like a caged animal. There is not much you can do about that.
I do have one request, and it does have to do with your products, and not your restroom. I would like kiddie size versions of the Blizzard. At home, when I used to get these trough sized delights, I would freeze the leftover and live off of it for a month. Unfortunately, while staying the C'mon Inn's and the like, I do not have a freezer. I do not want to be a wasteful traveler.
I also understand the issues with a small size and the machine that whips the Blizzard together. Still, I plead of you, a 4 ounce serving would be splendid and I would be far more apt to buy it once I have washed my hands.

Very respectfully yours,
Bug E. Bugger


Anonymous Brian said...

you need to address your concerns to the dairy king, because we all know that the man is the one that gets things done. :)

8/09/2008 06:48:00 AM  

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