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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Buggy has gone dune buggy

Boy, they sure scare the crap out of you when you want to rent a dune buggy, but I guess it is for the best. Still, after the instructions, I thought for sure I would return (if I returned) with at least a broken arm. Nothing like that happened, though, and I was riding high on adrenaline for an hour. Because I was going out on my own, I went with the suggestion of a bigger engined vehicle. I am a badass!

See? Badass. (They made me wear a camouflage helmet which helped in the badass department, but not in the pretty, pretty princess one). I got a ton of instruction, which was a tad overwhelming during its delivery, but once I got out on the sand, was very helpful.

Boy, you have to gun it up hills and then watch out because that hill may suddenly just drop off and there you are, airborne.

I played it safe to get used to the buggy (or because I am a nerdy chicken), and then I started gunning it and flying all over the place. My true colors showed themselves on one hill as I noticed the drop off and got scared. I stopped and tried to turn around. Oops, now I am stuck in the sand. 2 gentlemen came and rescued me, but I had to go down this hill with a massive drop. Scary! So I squared my shoulders and went for it. Gah, my stomach sank, but I made it and then felt proud, powerful and a little embarrassed all at once.

I kept going for an hour. My abs were killing me. The way the dunes roll throws you all around and I had to fight to keep my seat much of the time. The day after, my body was killing me. (Shoulders, belly, wrists)!

It was so much fun!

I did not get to try to sand board because I was too lazy to get the board, walk up a hill, fall down a lot, get back up the hill and try again.


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