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Friday, November 03, 2006

He'll have a "New Life" now.

Ted Haggard is awesome. He opposes gay marriage, yet if the allegations against him are true, he has paid a guy to have sex with him every month for the past three years. Additionally, under his gay pseudonym of Art, he snorts meth to heighten the sexual thrill. His (paid) male sexual partner saw him on television and outed him because he was upset about “Art’s” hypocrisy. "It made me angry that here's someone preaching about gay marriage and going behind the scenes having gay sex," he said.
Haggard chose to quit the New Life Church despite his claims of innocence. He admits to buying the methamphetamine, but denies the gay sex. (So, drugs are more acceptable to his god than gay sex?) He bought meth, but “never used it”. He also admits to having accepted a massage from a gay male prostitute. (Hmm, what kind of massage?)

Why quit your job if you are not guilty of the charges against you?

The part of this story that riles me up the most is the sheer hypocrisy of it all. He is a father of five who claims to be true to his wife and to his God. He has influence over the spiritual development of this country as he converses with President Bush and/or his advisors every Monday.

It’s heartbreaking. If you can’t trust a pastor who is a married father of five to be honest, who can you trust?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buggie, I just read about this before I read your post. So WRONG. On SO MANY LEVELS. What the hell? Or shall I say...see you in hell, Ted. Jen

11/03/2006 06:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buggie, I read about this just before I read your post. So WRONG. On SO MANY levels. What the hell? Or shall I say...see you in hell, Ted. Jen

11/03/2006 06:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Lucky said...

The answer, of course, is a gay prostitute.

It's always so magical when the anti-gay types get bitten like this. I feel sorry for his family, but it seems like this is what the closet does to people. I read somewhere that closeted repressed people have to get themselves into a drug induced stupor to assuage their overwhelming guilt for the sin of enjoying sex.

I don't know.

I'd be interested to know if he still insists that being gay is a chosen lifestyle.

11/03/2006 10:02:00 PM  
Blogger VP of Dior said...

i LOVE when religious leaders get exposed for the HUGE hypocrites they are. they claim to preach love and god's will, then hate on certain populations, and then get their reputation shoved back up their ass. love it.

11/06/2006 08:55:00 PM  
Blogger Harmony said...

It sucks for his wife and kids more then anyone, his guilt is going to get to him.

Good point Gibbs!!

11/07/2006 08:18:00 AM  
Blogger Circe said...

And that is the worst of it; he is a total and complete hypocrite.

11/07/2006 04:37:00 PM  

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