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Monday, April 18, 2005

Not really about her anatomy.

I am obsessed with TV. Way too much. Thank goodness for my DVR. That way I am not watching TV all the time, but rather in large chunks when I have a bit of time. My favorite new show is "Grey's Anatomy". I don't know how to talk about it, really. Obviously another medical show. I have always liked them. AND I am actually older than a lot of the characters. That's not scary. oh wait, YEAH IT IS! But I love the messages that it brings. It makes me think. It is almost like a weekly sermon. Meredith Grey is the voice of the show. As she struggles through her residency, she also deals with her Alzheimer ridden mother. The girl who plays her has a tendency to lisp and look a bit like Renee Zellweger before all the collagen took over Renee's face. I like Sandra Oh as an overly ambitious resident who is all about procedure, forgetting that the patient is a human. It is such a departure from her roles on Arliss (Ditzy secretary) or Princess Diaries (kind of ditzy principal), but not too far off from her role in Sideways. I have just always liked her. I am glad she is doing well. Katherine Heigl is Izzy, the girl who paid her way through med school with lingerie modeling. Dude, she was a little tiny kid in My Father the Hero. Now she is all voluptuous. I mean Damn! But I have rooted for her for a while, too. And Marci loves Patrick Dempsey, so of course I had to watch to check him out. I learned in the meantime that at 21 he was married to a woman about 30 years his senior. He had a stepson a year older than him. Skeevy. Anywho... I know I did not sell the show very well, but it is well thought out and funny, sweet and smart. If you don't watch it, then you are probably doing something else. But you should watch it because it's really really good.


Blogger MG said...

Sandra Oh's character is a bit like the one she played in "Under the TuscanSun" ... a bit ........ work with me here.

I've been a HUGE Ellen Pomeo Fan ever since "Moonlight Mile." If you haven't seen it, the movie is a "MUST SEE" flick.

The annoying doctor (the pig) played by Justin Chambers ...... all I can say is his career will forever be tied to Mossimo from "The Wedding Planner." (Not even a very good Fake Italian Accent. And Jennifer Lopez as an Italian??? But I digress....)

4/20/2005 06:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patrick Dempsey is dreamy...oh how I love thee. And I love him in this show. I heart him so hard.

And I totally see Meredith as a pre-puffy Renee...BUT mixed with a little Ally McBeal.

Mmmm. Patrick. Mmmm.

4/22/2005 12:52:00 PM  

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