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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Goethe Institute

I spent the evening at the Goethe Institute in Washington, DC. I have been there before, last year. My mother and I attended the German film "Stolpersteine" (Stumbling Stones). I would like to talk to the director, because they mention my great-uncle in the film but misspelled his name in the subtitles. In any case, the Institute hosted a blogger happy hour today in order to get the word out on the cool things they offer.

It was fun. I met all sorts of local bloggers.
This one is a job blog. Then I met a girl who writes about free events in DC. This one is about public transit in DC. This writes about planning events. Two people write this promising green blog. And this fella and I decided we are the only ones who were in attendance who had no major theme, that we just shoot from the hip.

They gave us booze and good food and we chatted for a while prior to watching a short presentation on the Institute. They gave a brief German lesson, but I was not allowed to attend. My guess is that they spoke to my High School German teacher who allowed me to spend most of my time in the hallway.

Go check it out. The Goethe Institute is located on 812 Seventh Street, NW, near the Verizon Center. They have films, great events, and language courses. The films are shown every Monday night and cost a cheap $6. Go learn German so we can hang out and make fun of others together.


Blogger Bilbo said...

Shooting from the hip...hmmm...I guess that sums it up as well as anything! Great meeting you last night, Buggie, and thanks for the comment you dropped on my blog last night. Hope to see you at another event - preferably with booze and good food - again soon! Bilbo.

vw: tergi - what you eat for Thanksgiving when you can't spell properly.

5/18/2010 05:00:00 AM  

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