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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just pay a wee bit of attention..? Just a teensy bit...

I always wanted to be an action hero, or a spy. Quite frankly, I am surprised I have never been approached by the Government to perform covert acts on behalf of our country. (Or haven't I...?)

Want to be an action star? Drive in DC. More specifically, drive in Georgetown. There, EVERYONE has the right of way except for you. Pedestrians (in wildly inappropriate attire.. I had some serious anatomy lessons yesterday that I did not need to have. I had no idea they mad skirts and shorts that short.) pay no heed to the half ton vehicle hurtling at them. Which is kind of wild, because that driver has to pay attention to the cyclist who is peddling 50 mhp in the middle of the street while eating a banana; and the 9000 year old man who is creeping across the street; and the trollopy coed who is trying to sex up her man while crossing the road with the little red hand waving "not safe to go!"; and the taxi driver who just stops, no warning, in the middle of the road to pick up tourists with their red cheeks and fanny packs filled with "You don't know me - Witness Protection" t-shirts.

The lights don't make sense in Georgetown. As a pedestrian it is okay, but as a driver, you stand no chance. Especially with the cocky pedestians and all those others I described earlier, good luck getting out of the Georgetown Park parking garage (which totally fleeces you by charging $5 for less than an hour of parking!) I almost nicked about 5 people coming out of there, and I think I would have been okay with the damage.

Except to my car.



Anonymous haveyouseenlucky said...

Do you have a problem with road rage? Your post reminded me of this story from those crazy people in Canada. I like how the girl says 'proe-ject' Why can Canadian's talk more betterer?

5/14/2007 03:06:00 PM  

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