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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Maybe my hands are bi?

I am glad that I do not have man hands.
Now I have always lamented the fact that I do not have delicate, bourgeois hands with piano playing fingers. My hands have a broad square palm and are very strong. My fingers, while not shrimpy, are also not long. My finger nail beds are short and square, like my palms. In short, I have peasant, working hands. But, they are still girly.
I have been noticing some really manly hands on women. They always seem to overcompensate with heavy red nail polish which makes them look drag-queenish. None of my friends have hands like that, so I always thought my hands were sort of masculine, but they are so not. (I mean, in comparison to my pals hands, maybe rougher looking, but still, not dude-like.)
And as you all know, I adore my mother, yet look nothing like her. We share the same hands and regardless of where my life might take me, I will always have a bit of her with me, because I can hold my own hand and pretend she is there with me.


Anonymous Rich said...

Very sweet.

11/07/2005 07:51:00 AM  

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