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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Why is it that women are still not automatically considered equal to men?
I was watching Commander in Chief. This show has everyone attempting to undermine the President. I get that people may attempt to undermine any President, but it is extreme the way this one, who is female, is being attacked. The worst part was the woman who was bound and determined to bring her down single handedly. (Geena Davis' President fired her.) What is the cattiness amongst women? Why do we sabotage each other? Men have this brotherhood amongst them, helping each other along. Women tend to work individually, not sparing a chance to stab another lady in the back. (This is obviously a blanket statement, so don't lecture me.) It's clear that this occurs because there are not that many opportunities for women, that they feel they need to do whatever it takes to succeed. What if the tide changed and women started to support each other. How the world would change.

Then during the commercial break came an ad for Bank of America. They are apparently the bank for women. Why do we need a bank for us? I do not understand how there is still such an intense discrepancy between the treatment of men and women.
Do you remember in school, how the girls usually did better in class? And women can do more than one thing at a time. Women can nurture and get people back in line at the same time.

Turn it around. This is absolutely ridiculous. We have one woman who is high up in the HQ of my company. One woman. She is smart. She deserves the position and does an excellent job. So why are there still rumblings behind her back?


Blogger Mona said...

hmm, it looks like some spam artists really liked your post about women-ha!
i haven't seen commander in chief, looked interesting. i hear you though...you should check out maureen dowd's killer article in the nytimes magazine from this past sunday. maybe you could find it online...amazing and addresses all stuff WOMEN.

11/03/2005 02:04:00 PM  

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