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Monday, June 13, 2005

Oh, he's questionable at best... Not-guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt...? Not a chance.

Way to go, California justice system. Proving once again how fair you are. Come on! Not even a guilty verdict for giving the kids booze? In a can!?! Calling it Jesus juice!?! Can we indict him on being the biggest freak ever?
If I plan on committing a crime, I am going to become famous and move to California. (In some order...) I can get away with anything.
Murdered your wife and some dude? Sure! Go play golf, buddy.
Murdered your ugly wife? That's okay. She was ugly. Go do the Larry King Live show, pal. Touch little kids and be a living anime character? Well, you do own the Beatles stuff, so I am sure you meant no harm by it. Enjoy the rollercoaster, you freak!
Californians must have a combined IQ of 4. (At least the ones who serve on jury duty.)

(Totally stole that picture from this website.) Posted by Hello


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