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Sunday, June 08, 2008

HI! I'm Buggie and I'll be your server tonight.

I just watched Waiting. Good Lord, watching a movie that was basically my life from ages 18 to 21 was trippy. I know I should not have watched it alone, but jeepers was I ever bored tonight and not inclined enough to more about it than pop in a movie that I knew would at least make me laugh. And now you will have to suffer through some my memories of my days at old Bennyland.

I was trained by Tiki Barber’s wife. Though they had not yet met and really, my training was all of 6.2 seconds. The next day I found myself training people. Yep.

Clussy and I, who often hosted together (much to her chagrin for my penchant of punching her), ate a ton of candy. We’d run across the hall to the movie theater, or through the mall to CVS, for massive amounts of sugar that would probably kill large mammals, but only served to make us more hyper than we were already inclined to be. I would be leading people to their tables, only to turn and find that they could not keep up with my pace and were still standing at the host station wondering where the heck that girl who was going to show them to their table had gone.

We had an intercom and we made it our job to see how often we could get the hostess to page “Ben Dover” or “Amanda Huggenkiss”. This was before Bart Simpson made it popular. (Shut up. I know I am old). And yes, they did get me to page a person who maybe was sitting at the bar. His last name is Hunt. Mike.

Hanging out at Kirk and Pete’s house was always interesting. I remember one night when we were sitting around chatting (how was it that we could be up all night without being exhausted back then?) when Pete and some girl came home. A few hours later the girl left. A few hours after that Pete came upstairs and when we asked who the girl was, he said, what girl?

I wore a short black skirt while working as a cocktail waitress. People were forever flipping up my skirt. I always wore biker shorts underneath (Mama didn’t raise no moron). I wanted a pair that had a pair of lips on the behind. I thought it was appropriate.

A guy caught fire at our bar once. He spilled Bacardi 151 on himself, and then lit a cigarette. His hand went up in flames.

There was a GM who was a complete cocaine fiend (from the rumors). He also looked JUST like a monchichi. However, when he was on the line, the food came flying out, so drug abuse ain’t always bad…

We had a jukebox and I would play Missionary Man by the Eurythmics 6 times in a row. My manager hated the song so much that she would give me the best sections if I promised to not play it that night.

Kim Webster and I played Black Cat by Janet Jackson a lot. But we just wandered about saying Black Cat, Alley Cat, Monkey Cat, Jackass Cat, Drunk Cat…

When I came home from my brief bout of living on the west coast, I was serving this girl who said she worked at Good Guys. Well, Good Guys was like a Best Buy out in California, so I asked her if she got a good discount on electronics, and she said no, and flashed her new nipple ring at me. (Gah!). Apparently Good Guys is a completely different sort of establishment in DC.

I made some of my very best friends at that place and I am forever grateful. Thanks, Bennigan’s. Who’da thunk it?
* The picture is from my photo album from early days at Bennigans. The drawing is of me and two other hostesses. We had a big Snapple banner up. Yeah, anyway. That's a snapshot of the Bennigan's I knew and, er... loved? Aw, you loved it too...them Monte Cristo's, and B. Cakey's, and grilled pineapple slices, and brownie bottom pies, and RCU's, and Dan Diaz. And Harms with her terrifying stories. Good times. Good times.


Blogger Claudette said...

I can't remember the name of the chicky in the front. I remember she was really cool and down to earth though. She looks like Amy Winehouse kinda, huh?

You know I have dreams that I have to wait tables and the systems are new and I don't know how to work them and part of the uniform is no rollerblades and I'm a hot mess on wheels. Those were the days though. I remember a LOT of Janet being played ('If I was your girl' in particular and trying to get the dance right) and the 'jarheads' that would hit on every chick in there. And how could I forget hearing about the bruised uterus. That ensured me staying a virgin AT LEAST a year longer than I originally would have.

Thanks for the memories Lady!

6/08/2008 07:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Urkel work with you guys, or was he just eating there that day?

6/09/2008 09:10:00 AM  
Blogger Harmony said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!! Funny cause I have almost the same dream as Cluss where I am working there again and the only thing I know is the table sections. I love those times and the memories are priceless and the friendships, well, we still love each other, and that is the bestest part from workin there!!!!!

6/10/2008 08:34:00 AM  
Anonymous Matt Boyd said...

As I recall from my food serving days, it was something about getting paid in cash every night that really lent itself to all sorts of madness. That and having access to the bar all night.

And who's the person behind the pillar on the right giving the finger? :-)

6/10/2008 08:47:00 AM  
Blogger Buggie said...

Cluss, her name was Suzanne. Looking at that picture, I didn't realize then how pretty Jeana was. Ew, I remember the jarheads. they would hit on every girl until they found one that actually responded (which did not happen often) and then leave a 11 cent tip.)

Rich: Ha! That guy always makes me laugh when I look at that photo. I love that he is smiling. I wonder if he was smiling because he just was or because someone was taking a photo. And how weird is it that when a camera comes out, we smile for it? AND why is it when people see a video camera, they have to wave?

Matt: I remember Goldschlaeger. And these shots we called liquid cocaine which was Jaegermeister and Rumpleminz (I think). Ugh.
The person behind the pillar was Katie Ryan. She was my buddy. She looked a bit like Alicia Silverstone. There was a time she was holding a bunch of beer mugs (those heavy ones with the handles) and tripped up the stairs. She smashed down soo hard that the mugs all shattered.

6/10/2008 09:31:00 AM  
Blogger melissa said...

You're about 12 in this photo, right?

couldn't resist.

6/10/2008 02:34:00 PM  
Blogger Harmony said...

Humph and I though I was the person behind the pillar, just cause that seems like it would have been me back in those days, that or jumping in front of the camera huh!!!!!!!!!!!! If I didn't have to dig to find pictures I would sit at home and just go through the boxes!!! ;) I will say when I worked there it was the only time I got alcohol poisoning!

6/11/2008 07:46:00 AM  
Blogger Buggie said...

It could have been you, except then she would have had red lips and a ball cap.
I don't think I knew you yet when I crafted this work of art. That was in the first few days of my Bennigan's employment.

6/11/2008 08:34:00 AM  

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