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Friday, July 13, 2012

I miss writing on here. There's something to be said about working in a boring job, shackled to the clock. There always seemed to be something that was bugging me. Now I spend most of my time in front of the computer and the last thing I seem to want to do is write. (And I want to be a writer). What gives?!?
I'm thinking about my next job. I'm hoping that I am so engaged that I don't have time to write here. I am always agog at people who work 12 hours a day. How is it possible they don't get their crap done in the 9-5 hours? Sheesh, I could get all my crap done in a ten minute increment early in the morning. Then my workday became an exercise in patience as I sat at my blocked-from-every-interesting-website work computer and tried not to commit suicide via papercuts. I was actually told I needed to do a better job of looking busy. Er? "Yeah." I was told. "Just keep a pile of folders on your desk and look like they are important". Um. Can't I just go do something else? The killer is the boss that hasn't spoken to you all day, even though you stuck your head into his office 1000 times that day, who comes in and asks you to create, print and bind 20 copies of a 100 page booklet for a meeting he has tomorrow. AT 4:55PM!!! Whaaa?!? At this point I have succumbed to a massive case of ennui and am no longer capable of doing anything, much less staying late for crap I could have been doing all day! Rawr! When I left my last job, I made a promise to myself to never be an assistant again. I suck at it. I don't want to be held responsible for you being somewhere without an umbrella because it rained even though the weather report promised sunny sunshine.

Ack, where is this entry going?

I remember feeling really useless at my last job. Also the office politics brutalized me. My HR person, who for some reason was the person I had to report to (I did not work in HR), would get mad at me and  threaten to write me up because I had the audacity to not seek her out every morning to say good morning and ask how she was doing. Are all companies like this?

I've been out of the corporate world for four years now. I miss the money. I even miss a lot of the people. I do not miss the systems, or the politics. I really enjoy the fact that in film, at least in what I have been involved in, is a measure of the work, not of time. Actually, I am often the person on set yelling at everyone that we are RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

Sidebar: Queen Latifah is on Jimmy Kimmel. I wish I were half as cool as she is. And I wish I were a tenth as talented as Jimmy.

I'm meeting my old bosses and coworkers for drinks next Wednesday. I'm kind of excited. The work may have been lame and some of the situations were ree-diculous, but generally speaking, I really loved my fellow employees. I'm really proud that I have maintained a good relationship with so many of them. Even my evil old boss I don't have too much vitriol for. However, the boss that I loved, who totally threw me under the bus, I have a special place in my venom sack for him. I wonder if he will come. I'm not good at being mean, but I really wouldn't mind practicing on him. I know.

So, to get you up to date, which I know you are dying to get up to... I will finish my thesis (fingers crossed) this week. Then rewrite until beginning of August when I turn it in. Then I celebrate birfday madness with Marci. Then I am off to the Germany and the Sweden for a while. Afterwards I am gonna need a job, or a sugar daddy. Whichever pays more and requires less :)


Blogger melissa said...

Amen sister! You know I feel the same on this one...on all counts.

7/13/2012 09:39:00 AM  
Blogger Claudia said...

"Are all companies like this?" No! Goodness, that is really strange. I don't remember the tale of the power-trip HR chick. She should go to your happy hour next week and then I could join and let out all my hormonal rage on her. wouldn't that be fun? (no? be the bigger person? but I am big)

Hurrah to finishing your thesis this week! That's huge! Pulling for you.

And Germany/Sweden? How long you going for??? I will get these answers from you this weekend.

7/13/2012 12:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Robert (Doc) Gibson said...

Welcome back bug.
You're number eleven on my browser's favorates bar, which is two ahead of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter; Ah, the age of social networking.

7/14/2012 07:35:00 AM  

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