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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Call me, maybe?

This song, by Carly Rae Jepson, is taking over everyone's brain. I even find myself grooving out to it once in a while. It's catchy. But what does it mean? I like lyrics and song meanings and well, I have to admit that this song befuddles me. So, taking the lyrics from metrolyrics.com, let's analyze, shall we? I took the liberty of removing the repetitive stanzas/chorus.

I threw a wish in the well,Don't ask me, I'll never tellI looked to you as it fell,And now you're in my way
Okay, so what I got from this stanza was that she doesn't like the person she was with and made a wish for something new, to replace that person.
I'd trade my soul for a wish,Pennies and dimes for a kissI wasn't looking for this,But now you're in my way
Here she demonstrates that she has no belief in the afterlife, and that kisses are not worth much to her. But she made a wish and now this person is standing in the way of her tossing her soul away.
Your stare was holdin',Ripped jeans, skin was showin'Hot night, wind was blowin'Where you think you're going, baby?

Now this is where I get confused. This poor thing, in old clothing, was staring at her. I am assuming that it's the same guy who is in her way? And now he is leaving because she probably got mad and was all "Dude, you're in my way". And now she is wondering where he's going?

Hey, I just met you,And this is crazy,But here's my number,So call me, maybe?
Okay, so now we realize that she's just met this in the way guy, right? And I am assuming that when she says "this is crazy" she means "I am crazy".

It's hard to look right,At you baby,But here's my number,So call me, maybe?
Why is it hard to look right at him?Is he blindingly white? Is he sparkling like a vampire? Is he so hideous one needs to close one eye to appraise him? 
And all the other boys,Try to chase me,But here's my number,So call me, maybe?
If all these other boys are chasing her, why does she need to make wishes at a wishing well? And if they are all chasing her, wouldn't this guy be interested, too? Obviously she is selling herself as a pretty hot commodity. 
You took your time with the call,I took no time with the fallYou gave me nothing at all,But still, you're in my way

Okay, so this is where I get most confused. So he called, but not for a long time. Meaning that he had some other chick on the line, but when that fell through he called our little songstress. Then I wonder if Carly meant foll for follow-up, not fall? But whatever, so she was smitten? But he was all, whatevs!! What does she mean when she says "But still, you're in my way"? Is she trying to move on from this crush she developed on some guy standing near her while she made a wish at a fountain who also is the only guy in the world who isn't chasing her?

I beg, and borrow and stealHave foresight and it's realI didn't know I would feel it,But it's in my way
What is she talking about here? Is she going to make more wishes? Spend her fortune on 10 cent kisses? Foresight? Towards what? Does she know what that word means? Um, it's obviously not real. He took his time. He's in her way. What is she feeling? Oh good Lord. She wants the badboy and thinks she can make him a good guy. But his bad behavior is getting in the way, right?
This song is kind of stupid. After analyzing it, it seems to perpetuate that stupid female behavior of trying to get some guy's attention who wants nothing to do with that girl. If he's in your way, find a new path. Sheesh. 

On a lighter note, please appreciate this Star Wars version of the song:


Blogger Claudia Y Sean said...

I sing this song. all the time. top of my lungs. ((sigh)) that felt good to confess. It was playing at the pool 2 weeks ago and Sean exclaimed, "God, this song is awful!". I know, it really is! But why can't I stop singing it?

7/17/2012 11:40:00 AM  
Blogger Harmsicle said...

Isn't the problem is the guy she likes is gay??? I asked the girls baoutthe song and thats what I was told why it's not working. He doesn't like girls.

7/17/2012 01:47:00 PM  

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