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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Old Diary

I found this old diary that I had been keeping of random thoughts of my day at work. I thought it was pretty funny and it seems to encapsulate my day at work fairly well. Things have not changed much in the years that have passed except that the guy who called me "toots" no longer calls me that after a vehement and almost violent exclamation of my dislike for that moniker. He now calls me "blonde haired girl". Clever, huh?

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

• Mind depressing boredom. I am hurting. I can’t even come up with things to entertain myself with. I believe that I have seen everything there is to be seen on the internet. I am not certain that I can get away with reading my book here. They pay me for this? In my efforts to lessen my boredom, I have learned about giant squids, parasitic twins, various diseases and all sorts of animals. Did you know that the tiger is bigger than a lion? (I do now!) I used to use up the excess time I had to fantasize about how great my life would be if I found a great guy and fell in love. Well, ever since I found a great guy, I can’t fantasize anymore. I have tried! But it feels so silly. Funny, it never used to. I am going to play solitaire for a while. Maybe that will help. Sigh…

• Check it out. I have gotten to the point where I am not afraid to read at my desk. This can’t bode well for my future at the company, can it? I mean, they already look down on me and now I have so much disrespect for my job that I am READING? I wonder why I still have a job. But you know, if I am not going to have to do anything, and they will keep paying me, I have no problem reading at my desk. Well, I did just throw it down because I heard the elf down the hall. I figure that we hate each other enough as is that he probably does not need that extra ammunition against me. He is such a punk. Well, not cool enough to be a punk, but you know what I mean.

• People, knowing I am bored out of my wee little mind are sending me quizzes to test my intelligence. So not only am I bored, I am finding that I am an idiot. Damn.

• I still am stuck here for 37 minutes, but I am strangely enjoying myself today. Is it the realization that it does not matter so much? Or the fact that I just ate a chocolate chip cookie and had some peppermint tea and spoke to the aforementioned boy? Mmmm.

• I am strangely clingy today. Lately, it is like I can’t get rid of you quickly enough. Today, any one who has been foolish enough to be social with me has been sucked into a black hole of chatter. They are held to my desk by a desperate string of stories. It’s like I am afraid to be left alone. What the hell?

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

• This morning I was driving along to work, late as it was, and these cars in front of me just stopped at a green light. Apparently, the one guy hit the other, but instead of getting off the road, they stopped at a green light. And there was almost a really huge accident. Scary. So now I am filled to the brim with adrenaline.

• I think the only reason I have this job is because they think I am pretty. This morning my boss already greeted me with “Hello, good looking.” Another guy, in talking on the telephone to a fellow that has a minor crush on me says to him, “Yeah, she looks good. She is wearing makeup today.” Then my female boss says, you look very pretty today. And then one of the other ladies says it too. ! Hmph. Not that it is bad to be thought of as pretty, but to be only thought of as pretty is insulting.

• You know what I hate? Stupid pop-ups on the internet. In the time it took me to type that last sentence, I was barraged by 4! And I am a ‘look at the keyboard while I type’ kind of typist. Therefore, I think I have typed a million words, only to look up and see a survey pop-up window questioning who the sexiest actor in Hollywood is. Dammit! That really pisses me off. AND I have to retype everything I thought I had already gotten down.

• I was just in Starbucks and I had to go potty. On the paper towel dispenser it details, with pictures, how to wash your hands. So for fun, I washed my hands, and then checked to see how I did. Not too shabby. Probably 90%. I did not turn of the water with a paper towel as it indicated to do. But I did wash my hands for the required 20 seconds and with soap, no less.

• I bought four books today. One, The Last Days of Summer I have read many times before, but everytime I loan it to someone, it is not returned and I absolutely love it. So, I bought it for the 8th time. I am so excited. I have all these new experiences waiting for me. New lives and ideas that have never even crossed my mind. Love it.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

• I tried to come in in a good mood today, but these people have this miraculous knack at making me feel bad. Not only feel bad but also piss me off. And they go from being super friendly and wanting to be my “friend” to wanting everything professional. How can they expect me to be professional when they just got through touching my shoulder and calling me “toots” fifteen minutes ago? These people are jacked in the head.

• My back is killing me. I know it is partially remnants of boxing class, and partially bad back. But I took 800 mg of ibuprofen earlier and it took 4 hours to take effect. And I am still feeling like I would rather die that deal with this pain. Yuck. But then again, maybe it is better than death. Who can say?

• I am eating Runts® candy. I think I may come out unscathed, but only because I spit one particularly hard dude into the trash. Who at Willy Wonka Candy decided that if they flavoured rocks like lime, they’d be a great selling candy treat? Ow.

Friday, May 16, 2003

• Apparently I had nothing to say on Friday.

Monday, May 19, 2003

• During lunch today, which was chicken kabobs, I wished I had more mushrooms. What if my wish had come true and it was the only wish I’d get for my whole life, and I wasted it on mushrooms? The funny thing was how I wished it in my head. It sounded like a formal wish. I really did want more. They were really good. Maybe it would not have been such a wasted wish after all.

• I am feeling so passive aggressive, but it never works to get you where you want. It pisses you off, and the person you are being passively aggressive towards. And then everyone just is all pissy.

Thursday, April 1, 2004

• Apparently I did not have anything to say for a long time. I was in the midst of entertaining myself during slow times with rousing games of solitaire. I believe my brain has atrophied and I have not had a creative or intelligent thought in an awfully long time.


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Can I borrow The Last Days of Summer?

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