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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quebec - 400 ans! We share a birthday (July 3), but Quebec will always be 365 years older than me! HA!

Bonsoir, mes Amis! Je suis au Quebec (a Quebec?).
It has been pouring and it sucks! But we enjoyed Crepes at the Creperie Marci, Jen and I stood in line for almost exactly five years ago today. We also are spending a gazillion dollars in order to stay at a fancy hotel (Chateau Laurier) because all the hotels were really expensive. Now that we've walked about, we see all sorts of hotels inside Old Quebec that are under $100 and have vacancies. Le sigh.

We are both exhausted. The night at the Super 8 left us tossing and turning and generally suffering from malaise. Tomorrow should be a good touristy day. We are taking a bus tour of old Quebec. Then we will drive to Trois Rivieres. On Monday we head to Ottawa where I will bring my travelling partner to the airport. I think then the vacation part of this journey will be over and the self reflection part begins. Merde, that sounds like work! Though I do get to have a Canadian BBQ with Chris and his crew and spend Canada Day in style. Then I get to hang out with Marci in Chicago. I guess the holiday ain't quite over yet.

I have already spent $500! And my mommy covered the pricey hotel tonight. What will I do when I cannot split the costs anymore? And the hotels seemed to get pricier and pricier. If you guys see me on 20/20 or Dateline, judge ye not!

Don't be a Couche-tard and not leave me any comments!!
A final note: Can someone tell me what these things are? (Oh Canada, you are so old fashioned...)

Day three- Whos and Shakers and money and cows

BLOGGER JUST BLITZED OUT ON ME! Grr, now I have to re-write everything. Mad.
The Ivy League tour continued yesterday at Dartmouth where Theodore Geisel went. He might be better known as Dr. Suess. They have a Dr. Suess study room and everything. My kind of school. We wandered about and I bought a pair of Dartmouth socks. I needed something, but since I graduated from BU, I have this strange loyalty to it and feel like I can no longer wear other school's apparel without misrepresenting myself. A few years ago this would not have affected me at all. So, hence the socks.

We went on to Enfield, NH to see the Shaker village. Our tour guide, Arthur, was this cool old man in blue Converse Chucks (the same ones I have), who gladly told us about the nefarious doings of the Shaker people who could not follow the faith as well as they should have. He told of one man who ran off with a female reporter and how she was accused of kidnapping him. The accuser was then told by the men of the village that he went happily along with her. She did not need to tie him to her car roof.

On the road, we saw a sign for Vermont Maple Syrup. So we stopped and knocked on the accompanying house door and made this woman who lived there sell us her syrup.

We went to Bretton Woods, NH to see where the IMF signed a big treaty in 1944. That is one huge resort!

On the drive towards the Canadian border, we saw a deer and I nearly lost my head. The adrenaline rush made my skin burn. Damn WLM. They are everywhere.

Finally, we had dinner at the Cow Palace. Could not resist that. We drank margaritas and toasted Harmony's birth. Happy birthday, sweetie!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day two: Mansions and camels and Bears, Oh my!

We actually made it through 8 states yesterday. I forgot to count MA. (VA, MD, DE, NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA). Not too shabby. Today, only 4 (MA, RI, NH, VT). We would not have even made it to Vermont had the hotels in Concord not all been sold out due to some Nascar race. We looked for a town called Keene in New Hampshire, took the correct exit and everything, and wound up...no where... No, seriously. It was spooky. The AAA book said the town was a good sized one. I think that maybe it is a town only people who live there can find, or better, it is only inhabited by ghosts and allows itself living visitors only once a year in order to feast on their souls! We are lucky it did not open itself up to us!!

Today we hopped around Newport and Providence, RI. Both are very pretty towns. We drove around and looked at what too much money brings:This is the Mansion called The Breakers, built by the Vanderbilts in 1895 for lots of cash. It has 70 rooms. Yeah, 'cause that is what you need in a house you only use 10 weeks of the year. But, staring at the myriad of such places is how my mother and I spent out morning. Then we drove to Providence to look at Brown University. I truly believe that we are gaining intelligence by visiting all these Ivy League schools. We saw Harvard in May and now Yale and Brown. Tomorrow we visit Dartmouth. You thought I was smart before (right?).
We had to drive until 9pm to find a hotel which we did, finally, in Vermont. But now it is 10:45. We ate high style from Subway sandwich shop and I have to go to bed. We did drive over 300 miles today, but mostly back and forth. (Damn Keene).

But I did see the Brown Bear and some camels!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day one: Made it through 7 states!

Yale: There was a lot of driving today. 436.10 miles, to be exact. There was also free iced coffee and good company (my mother is along for the ride, until I get to Ottawa, anyway). We did not get a chance to sightsee much, though we did stop into New Haven and see where Jenny got her PhD. Yale is a beautiful school, though some parts of New Haven did not seem as pretty. We meandered about for a bit, looking for the bulldog statue, then headed off to Rhode Island to enjoy dinner at a restaurant my former boss recommended. The place was packed! It was also delicious. Now I am sitting in a room somewhere in Massachussets, trying to keep my eyes open so I can type this to all of you. I am hoping for more pictures tomorrow, and maybe more interesting tales to tell?
Right now I am waiting to see if Priceline.com will allow me to have room in Canada. Let me check..."We're sorry, but we can't accept your offer of $40 for a hotel room". Darn. (What? I'm cheap). Back to the drawing board for rooms.