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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just pay a wee bit of attention..? Just a teensy bit...

I always wanted to be an action hero, or a spy. Quite frankly, I am surprised I have never been approached by the Government to perform covert acts on behalf of our country. (Or haven't I...?)

Want to be an action star? Drive in DC. More specifically, drive in Georgetown. There, EVERYONE has the right of way except for you. Pedestrians (in wildly inappropriate attire.. I had some serious anatomy lessons yesterday that I did not need to have. I had no idea they mad skirts and shorts that short.) pay no heed to the half ton vehicle hurtling at them. Which is kind of wild, because that driver has to pay attention to the cyclist who is peddling 50 mhp in the middle of the street while eating a banana; and the 9000 year old man who is creeping across the street; and the trollopy coed who is trying to sex up her man while crossing the road with the little red hand waving "not safe to go!"; and the taxi driver who just stops, no warning, in the middle of the road to pick up tourists with their red cheeks and fanny packs filled with "You don't know me - Witness Protection" t-shirts.

The lights don't make sense in Georgetown. As a pedestrian it is okay, but as a driver, you stand no chance. Especially with the cocky pedestians and all those others I described earlier, good luck getting out of the Georgetown Park parking garage (which totally fleeces you by charging $5 for less than an hour of parking!) I almost nicked about 5 people coming out of there, and I think I would have been okay with the damage.

Except to my car.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'll go to Church... tee hee.

I remember how bummed I was when they last sent Ryan Church back down to the minors last year. He is supposed to have all this potential, right? I think the National's new skipper Manny Acta's spring training comment about how Ryan will have a place in the starting lineup regardless of how well he plays is brilliant. Showing some faith in a young player will pay dividends! All Ryan needs to do is play, without the fear of punishment, and he will start to shine. He is already batting at close to .300 and playing well.
I think we give up on people so quickly and they never get a chance to relax and show what they are capable of. Good for you, Manny. I think you are demonstrating yourself already to be a leader. Don't let the DC curse on coaches get you, though.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Life. Ain't it grand or something?

I am drunk. I am all awhirl inside my head. I want to write about things that I know I can't right now. Instead I will write about the fact that I am so glad to finally be finishing my BA. I will write about the fact that I love to write, and I love going to school. I a terrified that I will bomb the LSATs and I am terrified that I will get into my dream school and get no financial aid. I don't know about committing myself to over $200K in debt. I don't know about staying in DC to do law school for much cheaper. I don't know why I stressing about it so hard when it is completely undetermined and over a year away.
I feel unsettled. I want my ex to stop playing with my head and my heart. I want my friends to be my friends. I want to do well in my job, even though I am so bored that I don't really care. (That weighs on me the most because the people I work with are so great that I would run in front of a car to save them.) It just holds nothing for me. I feel like a farce when I go into my office. No, I feel like a temp. I just keep waiting for something to happen. I know I should go make something happen... But what?
OKay, so I am drunk and whiny. It happens. Ask Jen and Marci. (And my mom. I swear she would like to sell me to the bidder. I don't even think it would have to be the highest, maybe just the first...)
Rich told me I should post more, so I am. There is so much more whining, but I need to go watch Jericho, so feel blessed for your luck.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Poor Curious George. In trouble again.

Aw, all the papers are making a big deal about GW Bush accidentally saying 1776 instead of 1976 when telling America about the Queen's last visit here to help celebrate the bicentennial (from which I have a healthy collection of quarters, thankyouverymuch. Quarters that I won't spend even though they are only worth 25 cents and are not truly that fantastic in any way...)
I almost feel sorry for him. How many times I have slipped and said incredibly stupid stuff? (Not an invitation to chime in, you guys. Maybe I should turn off comments for this one...) Like the time I was at dinner with my family, and my sister and her husband were visiting. I apparently was having a difficult time with boys and said to my brother-in-law, "I hate your sex!" He turned red, my sister burst into raucous laughter and I slunk, horrified, from the table, never to live that one down.
At least George did not say anything about her sex, be it gender related or otherwise.
Okay, so he can be rather boneheaded. And yes, aging a woman, a leader of a country, another 200 years may not be the best political move. But it was a flub.
I can't believe I am standing up for him. But seriously, let him be. He's done worse.