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Thursday, March 10, 2005

That'll be one dollar, please.

I think people in jail should have to pay for their stay. I don't see why my tax dollars are paying for these people who committed a crime to have a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and time to work out. I say, give them a job. They can stuff envelopes, I guess. I am sure that I could come up with plenty of jobs for inmates to do to earn their keep. They could have a grid denoting the job and the
amount of money that job earns. I think that you could pay for your jail stay with money that you had in your savings account, but not if you got that money by committing a crime. For example, if you robbed a bank and went to jail because of it, you obviously could not keep that money, much less pay for your stay at Camp Cupcake with it. Also, the money has to come from the criminal, not his family. No one can pay for your jail stay but you.
I also am a proponent of getting educated while in the clank. BUT, I don't think it should come for free. I do think that once a criminal has paid for their degree and received it, they could be given the chance for a different level of prison employment, and thereby earn more money. I think that the menu should be paid for. So, if you are not making enough money because you are a lazy, feeling-entitled kind
of prisoner, you eat cheapest crap because that's all you can afford. You want a pillow to rest your (better be a repentant) head on? That will be one dollar, please.
I bet this system would better prepare prisoners to live in the "free world" than our current system and I bet the inmates would work harder in order to buy better food, clothes, priviledges. I also think that they would not be so quick to commit another crime just to get back into prison because the real world is too hard to deal with.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Little Pretty Hidden Things

I was just heading off to bed and I took my ugly black work socks off to reveal two of the cutest feet I have ever seen. Why are they so darn cute, you may ask. Well, let me tell you! I had a pedicure on Tuesday. A really good pedicure. My toenails are tended to and painted in the most delightful shade of raspberry. Just looking at my feet fills me with delight. Especially when I consider that no one knows that my feet are so cute under my ugly black socks and my high-stylin' black boots. Then I got to thinking about my collection of not-black socks. I might have the strangest selection of socks a girl over 13 can have. I have cow print socks and rainbow striped socks and love bug socks and Hanukkah socks (Thanks, Marci). I love to wear these socks under my boots. Especially when I am at work or wearing something serious. Because I guess I feel I got one over on "The Man". You can make me dress all corporate-like, but you have no idea that my socks are covered with little hearts that read "Kiss me". That also got me thinking about underwear. I have gone out in the sexiest of ensembles, but underneath is nothing anyone would ever want to see. For example, my friend's wedding. I was the maid of honor. I wore this beautiful purple dress that was made of satin. Being terrified of lines, the underwear that I wore was HUGE and made of lace so that there would be no unsightly bulging. I am serious about them being huge. Seriously, I did not have to wear a bra. But I have also worn someof the cutest stuff under t-shirts and sweatpants. I guess I really like to know that you can take me for what you see, but no one really knows what I have got going on under the surface unless they really take the time to look.

Hey, I have a quick question...

I hate the phrase "I have a quick question". What the hell does this mean? Are you going to ask me the question really quickly? This might be a problem as you might ask it too quickly and I won't understand and might have to ask you to repeat it and that would nullify any semblance of being a quick question. Or, maybe you are looking for a quick answer. Something that requires no more than a yes or no. But are you telling me beforehand that it is a quick question in order to keep me from giving more information than yes or no? Perhaps it is a question relating to actual speed. For example, I have a quick question. How fast have you ever driven in a car? But, were I to answer with say 25 mph, then it would not be a quick question. Or, maybe you are interested in Nestle Quik. But that would be a Quik question.
Stop prefacing questions with "I have a quick question." You already took up too much of my time just stating that.


There is nothing that gets me more riled up than sitting in traffic because some punks in the cars ahead feel this urge to stare at an accident that is on the side of the road, or worse yet, on the other side of the road. Move along, people. They don't need you staring. Argh! It is mind boggling to me that I sat in traffic for over an hour one time because the people on my side of the divided highway had to stop to stare at a completely tame (I won't even use the word accident) incident that had happened on the other side of the DIVIDED highway. So, God bless the good people of the Massachusetts Highway Department. They are putting up screens to block the damn rubberneckers view of accidents. Now, if you don't mind... DRIVE!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bug's poetry corner

I warned you! This is from sometime in 1995 or so... I don't know. I just kind of liked it. What do you think?

There is this movement in the sky
a little flurry that catches my eye
and while I stare mesmerized
slowly falls away my disguise.
I stand naked in the night
rooted to the ground by a little light.
I stare in awe and not in fright.
It takes away my blindness, restores my sight.
The loud clanging of a bell
The skies light is quelled
dropping me back into Hell
returning me to my empty shell.
Like Adam and Eve, after the apple they shared
I look at myself, see that I'm bare
and with shame and sorrow, I suddenly care.