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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Pull the fire alarm. I smell smoke!

Happy hours are so much fun. It is amazing how much time you spend at one because they usually start pretty much right after work and then for some reason, you find yourself there until 1:00 am.... Now, the pollution from the booze is bad enough. (I did make up a drink that does not have a ton of sugar in it. Vodka, soda and a splash of grapefruit and cranberry. Most excellent. ) But the reason I am suffering this morning is because I feel like I smoked a pack of cigarettes. All my clothes are saturated with the delightful scent (yay, in home washing machine!), and I feel like I was hit by a brick. (I would like to hit my co-worker with a brick.) The worst part is the booze does not do this to me, it's the smoke. The crazy thing is that (The bar) is pretty well ventilated. So, how would be feeling had we have gone to a cellar-type place that is just a big ball of smoke? I can't wait for all the bars in the world to be smoke free.
Thank you.
>Steps off her soap box<

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Thanks Jen!

My cup runneth over.

Two new loves.. Does this mean I am easy?

I got cable internet today after the slow, painful death of the dial up internet on my pathetically slow computer. I can actually do stuff on the internet now. BUT, this relationship did not come easily. I had to beg for attention. The modem and my computer were not getting along. As a matter of fact, the computer (who has been with me for an awfully long time) absolutely refused to acknowledge the presence of what it must have considered an interloper. I soothed the poor machine and before long, the two were happily humming along. And I get to play on the internet.
I also got a DVR on my cable box today. I can tape all sorts of shows now. No more missing Lost or ER. I can set it to tape anything and to tape it forever. So if I suddenly jet off to Tuscany, I'll still know what Joey is up to. Damn, I watch a lot of TV.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

After 10 days...

Time to take a look at my project for Lent. Several of the items on my list are daily. This is how I have faired in my first ten days.
  • Glucosamine/Vitamin intake is 9/10. I started this project on the second day of Lent, so most of the daily stuff was not done on day one because I did not know I was supposed to do it.
  • Exercise: 8 days out of ten. Average of 35 minutes a day when I did. 8/10
  • I drank about 4 bottles of water a day. I only missed day one. 9/10
  • I flossed EVERYDAY! 10/10
  • I used nail strengthener on my nails 7 out ten days. Don't know why I got so lazy on those two days. It takes ten seconds! I did put it on my toenails, though. Does that count as a pedicure? (No) 7/10
  • I have eaten no chips at all. 10/10
  • I have moisturized my body everyday. It really makes a difference. 10/10
  • I have only done 4 pages in my photo album. No chance of getting into 2004 at this rate.
  • On non-weekend days I got up at or before 7am 6 out of 8 times. Not great. Not bad. I truly am not a morning person. 6/8
  • I left no dirty dishes in the sink 9 out 10 times. There was a lot of food, some wine and a late night on the one night I did no dishes. 9/10
  • I put my clothes away every night! This is huge! I hate putting clothes away! 10/10
  • Five out of ten nights were spent with friends. (That's #14 being heavily accomplished.)
  • I spent one day with my mum in those 10 days, but to be fair, she was out of the country until day 4.
  • I read a book. Ellen Degeneres's "The Funny Thing Is...". (#15)
  • I figured out how to forward my pictures off of my phone and I sent them to my computer and also to my pals. (Does that count as time spent with them... no, guess not.) (#31)
  • I got my jeans altered to fit me and also my pants dry-cleaned.(#24)
  • I recycled! And they actually picked it up. (#35)
  • I totally forgot that I took a class. I was at the Capitol Hill Club all day on Monday, Feb. 14, learning about the President's Budget. (#23)

That's it for the first ten days. I have to say I am feeling really good about my list and my accomplishments with it. I still have a ton of stuff to do, but my belly is getting tighter, and I feel great with the vitamins and the lack of sugar and the amounts of water. I still have a ton of stuff to do, and I don't know what I was thinking when I said I would get my photo album into 2004. Not going to happen. As for the other stuff. I am confident it will. My sister is coming soon with some friends and I am sure I can get the museum and one of the new restaurants scratched off that way. The next ten day report is only 6 days away. Woooo...